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This was Amenadiel's plan to get Lucifer back to Hell: On finding a victim whose crotch was set on fire, Lucifer and Ella engage in a series of bad puns, to Chloe's annoyance. This is most telling when it is revealed that he knew Lucifer really was the Devil all along.

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Chloe and Dan are still Lucifer dating after their divorce. Amenadiel's Season 1 arc revolves around him trying to get Lucifer to return to Hell whether he wants to or not and the increasingly underhanded means he resorts to in order to accomplish that goal. Break His Heart to Save Him: In "Trip to Stabby Town", Dan under the influence of Azrael's blade blames Lucifer for ruining his marriage, his job and eating his pudding!

Amenadiel implies that Lucifer's good deeds on Earth, in opposition of his destined role, are causing a disruption in the natural order of things.

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In "Monster," Lucifer finally reveals his true demonic face to her and Linda is simply shocked silent and frozen to realize he truly is the Devil.

Harrington who after the fall of the angels began gathering other angels into a faction to retake and rule Heaven. In "Quid Pro Ho", Charlotte does this during the trial. In his comic run, Lucifer has blond hair; in Sandman Vol.

Maze's true appearance has half of her face appearing to be horribly decayed. She's so surprised that she drops her towel.

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Bit of a dry spell, the last couple of months. Although he's not above toying with her when she wakes up by letting her think they had sex Adaptation Dye-Job: Discussed between Dan and Charlotte in the episode The Sinnerman. Instead, she Takes a Third Option: In the season two premiere, after she obtains a sample of his blood, Lucifer encourages her to test it and prove he is an angel and to prevent that, Amenadiel gives Chloe a perfectly logical cop-out explanation to everything that Lucifer does implying that he's not quite sane.

Bad Guys Do the Dirty Work: Likewise, Linda believes Lucifer's talk of devils and such is all metaphor for his feelings. Bartholomew invites Castiel to join him, having turned all of his human followers into vessels and using their resources to track Metatron when he appears on Earth.

I'm going to figure out your secret. The implication being that she might be ready to give up on him. Okay, so you kill me. Trixie assumes that mommy shooting Lucifer was an extreme version of this trope.

He tries to make up for it by catching her killer and is quite relieved to find out that his involvement did not cause her death after all. Balance Between Good and Evil: Actually, I like that one in particular.

Amenadiel is an angel, Mazikeen is a demon or half-demon, half-human should the comic be trusted and things get steamy. The criminal who stole the container holding Lucifer's wings, upon being confronted by a pissed off Lucifer throws himself Lucifer dating a roof.

So he spends the next episode feeling guilty for that and for the harm he causes generally. I call it a Tuesday He's Thai love links dating site embarrassed than anything else.

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However, upon confrontation with Fate, Atropos reveals she knows Balthazar is working for Castiel; the saving of the Titanic was to provide additional souls to fund their side in the civil war.

This is revealed to Lucifer dating been a ploy by Balthazar and Castiel to allow the latter to retrieve the weapons from their true location while Raphael was distracted.

Billie tells Sam that she is tired of seeing him and Dean dying and coming back over and over again, promising them that the next time they die, she will put them into the Empty, where no soul can ever escape.

After some of Bartholomew's angels are slaughtered by angels under the command of anarchist Malachi, Bartholomew refuses a meeting with him and starts an angelic civil war between his and Malachi's factions. Charlotte felt horrible for believing she fouled up an interview with a suspect only for Chloe to reveal the whole thing was a Batman Gambit because she didn't expect Lucifer dating to be able to stay on script.

She'd already done waterboarding twice, she felt offended when Lucifer suggested putting bamboo under the fingernails