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That unknown is what drives most of the fear. By the time the men returned home, the popular perception of figure skating had changed: The media's treatment of Weir, who somewhat controversially took sixth place at the Vancouver games fans thought he deserved a higher finishunderscored the unspoken tensions around sexual orientation in men's figure skating.

As he writes in his new book, Push Dick's Button"the names of the judges with their real marks are kept in a safe in Lausanne and only the general secretary and a notary can see them, if requested by the Technical Committees. People Magazine claimed that Liukin was in a relationship with American figure skater Evan Lysacek in a February article, [16] but Lysacek denied the rumors in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, stating that the two were just "very close friends.

The Chicago native did not skate competitively inhowever he did not announce his retirement either, and has slowly returned to the ice.

When competing, being gay may not hurt you, but being straight helps. She also earned a silver on the uneven bars behind Russia's Ksenia Semenovascoring a However, she scored extremely well on the balance beam and was the only competitor in the meet, junior or senior, to earn a score over That attitude - and its resulting effect on the hyper-feminization of female skaters - is written into the USFS rulebook.

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Broadcasters made derogatory comments about Weir's skating and costumes, questioned his gender and wondered if his flamboyant image might damage the sport. She enrolled as a freshman international business major at Southern Methodist University in Januaryand took a leave from classes to concentrate on preparations for the Olympic Games.

InHenie went pro, taking her adorable dimples and blonde hair to Hollywood.

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Of course, the irony is obvious today. In ice dance, "clothing must be modest, dignified and appropriate for athletic competitions, not garish or theatrical in design. My whole experience on the national team with USA Gymnastics was nothing but positive.

Her scores in the junior division at the U. The alleged goal, according to critics, was to attract the " hockey crowd. Inafter representing the U. Figure skating judges offer input on costumes, personal life, hair and makeup, music choice.

Savoie says he never felt pressured by the figure skating world to keep quiet about his sexual orientation while competing. She returned to campus in springbut her travel schedule and professional commitments caused her to withdraw before the end of the semester.

Obama's defiant gesture is laudable and paradoxical, because it highlights the irony that there are no openly gay skaters on the U.

Born in Newton, Mass.

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The same types of choreography and the same program set-up She also won the all-around in the junior division of the Pacific Alliance Championships.

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National Championships, Liukin successfully defended her all-around, beam and bars titles, becoming a two-time senior national champion. Inat a rink in Berkeley, Calif. In spite of her injury, in the qualification round, Liukin's bars set earned a Her bars routine in team finals scored a Obama's move was a provocative reproach to Russia's new anti-gay law propaganda law that looms over what's set to be the most expensive Olympics in history.

As a result, the International Skating Union replaced its audience-friendly 6.

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Women are strictly referred to as "ladies"; the word women only appears once in the USFS rulebook. Efforts to protect and project the macho reputation of male skaters have been under way for decades, and skating clubs and organizations tried to lure boys by playing up the masculinity of the sport and virility of its athletes.

Figure Skating Rulebookthe nondiscrimination policy protects against discrimination "on the basis of race, color, religion, age, gender or national origin.

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At the U. Is newly-separated Vera Wang, 63, more than just good friends with year-old champion figure skater? However, she also suffered several falls and errors on floor and vault, and finished in third place overall, more than five points behind Shawn Johnsonthe all-around gold medalist.