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The biggest deletion you mention was not by me. After the fall of the empire, they served the local kings, Jahagirdars, Palegars and even the local small time Sultans. The man shown in the picture, Mr.

This article is not only about Deshastha history. Kind of shy in the first meeting, but totally opposite the next time! Please post your queries in this space if you are looking for any ideas or help.

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The Kannada Deshasthas mentioned in context above by Sanjaydh are the Deshasthas of Madhwa-Vaishnavas-followers of likes of Raghavendra swamy. Adding "colonial era" implies that Jadunath Sarkar was providing a biased account which is very untrue. But be careful in what you add. The picture could have gone on the list of deshastha article.

Moreover, they get a mention in the list of prominent Deshasthas. For them it is all about looking good within the budget.

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Regardless, public domain images are hard to come by and so I would exercise caution in removing them unless you have strong justification to do so. The latter only goes to show that online chat can be the right spot for making new and promising dating connections.

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I have worked on this article for four years and I actually complimented you for the task you took on recently. Aside from the 23 citations needed, there are many other unsubstantiated claims in the article, particularly in the culture sections. These pages Madeleine luzern speed dating showing up in the top search engine results so it is important that we paint the most accurate picture possible.

What was the occasion? So without any further delay, here are 14 reasons to date a Marathi girl! However the histories of the communities are intertwined and a comparison is inevitable at times. The same should logic apply to the deshastha and kokanstha.

This ios the speciality of Deshasthas.