Connecting Portable Generator To Home Wiring: 4-Prong and 3-Prong Connecting Portable Generator To Home Wiring: 4-Prong and 3-Prong

Mains hook up extension lead, connecting a 4-prong cable to 3-prong outlet

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Or if we look at it another way, say the battery is on charge from the moment the boat leaves the dock till when it returns, 4 hour later, it will have received watthrs of power.

Also see the configuration of other sockets. In all cases check continuity between the frame and earth by an ohmmeter. The battery will take up to 4 amps at whatever voltage is available.


With the main off and the ac fuses pulled. Facebook Basic instructions on setting up the type of personal address system normally used by solo artists, duo's, bands, musicians for live work. Just a little confused though about the grounding. Is a generator this much out of phase common?

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As long as the voltage is between 10 and 50 volts you can charge from whatever source is available. Then while racing for three hours the battery is being charged at watts, this would recover watthrs, or most the energy used.

If you have a monitor you will usually find the slave or monitor outputs marked clearly at the front or rear of the amplifier, use a speaker lead to connect the amplifier to the monitors input socket.

After less than a minute I herd some pops, and could smell something cooking.

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Plug anything but Speaker Leads into the Speaker Outputs! The scenario is this. Check that all volume levels and power switches are OFF and all leads are connected correctly before switching on the mains power. Such a battery may be topped up from solar panels.

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You need to be sure the frame is grounded, not just the twist-lock. It provides a separate ground hole besides L1, L2 and N see diagram. If you are using a mixing desk the outputs are sometimes located at the back of the unit or on the top right hand section above the volume meters.

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The genset still generates two out of phase V, which produces V in the twist-lock, but because of missing common point this voltage may be split unevenly between L1, L2.

The nice thing about this solar charge channel is that its working at around 30 volts and if we have enough solar panels, the power that we can get into the battery at 4 amps is watts.

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A few years ago I back-fed V power from my Watt Colman through the ac circuit. In this case you can just isolate the green lead and leave it unconnected.

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Cover the aeration vents on any equipment Block emergancy exits with equipment Have loose trailing leads that people can trip over! And in this case, it really does not have enough range. I have confirmed continuity from the the neutral to the ground on the generator at the twist lock connection.

You have a small sailing boat, around 20ft in length, and you often need to travel under power in navigation channels Dating policy in the navy rivers and where you might need to go against a current for a while, or for a long distance.

By charging the battery at watts as you go, the range improves markedly for low power operation and also for intermittent high power operation.

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I have a 3 prong dryer receptacle which as I understand, has the neutral and ground bonded at the panel. If during that time the boat is anchored, say for fishing, or under sail, the Torqeedo battery is being charged.

You can use a Torqeedo solar panel or one of our folding solar panels any 24 volt solar panel with the right connections.

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I quickly shut down the generator and disconnected it.