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The poet-saints have called him " Para-brahman with a dark complexion". This is backed by the facts that the temple at Pandharpur is surrounded by Shaiva temples most notably of the devotee Pundalik himselfand that Vithoba is crowned with the Lingasymbol of Shiva.

However, since the 13th century, the poet-saints like NamdevEknath and Tukaram identified Vithoba with Vishnu.

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Primarily, there are three Hindu deities associated with Vithoba: Ek Mahasamanvaya, opines that Vithoba worship may be even older—" Vedic or pre-Vedic", hence pre-dating the worship of Krishna.

Bhandarkar all suggest that Pundalik tried to unify Shiva and Vishnu, and that this sect originated in Karnataka. All three consorts are regarded as Krishna's in Hindu mythology. Hindus generally consider Krishna to be a form of Vishnu, hence his consort as a form of Lakshmi.

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Rukmini is traditionally viewed as the wife of Krishna. Pandharpur's Vithoba holds a shankha conch in his left hand and a chakra discus or lotus flower in his right, all of which are symbols traditionally associated with Vishnu.

He was first worshipped by the Dhangarthe cattle-owning caste of Maharashtra.

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Vitthala, Panduranga, Pandharinath, Hari and Narayan. She has an independent cella in the Pandharpur temple complex.

Vithoba is depicted as dark young boy. All Vithoba images are generally modelled on his central image in Pandharpur. Mate of the Deccan CollegePundalik—who is assumed to be a historical figure—was instrumental in persuading the Hoysala king Vishnuvardhana alias Bittidev to build the Pandharpur temple dedicated to Vishnu.

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The deity was subsequently named as Vitthala, a derivative of Bittidev, by the builder-king. He wears a necklace of tulsi -beads, embedded with the legendary kaustubha gem, and makara-kundala fish-shaped earrings that the poet-saint Tukaram relates to the iconography of Vishnu.

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Even though Vithoba is Marathi dating site free with dark complexion, he is called a "white god". The emergence of Vithoba was concurrent with the rise of a "new type of lay devotee", the Varkari.

Thus, according to Zelliot, Vithoba represents Shiva as well as Vishnu. While Vishnu and Shiva were bound in rigid ritualistic worship and Brahmin priestly control, Vithoba, "the God of the subaltern, became increasingly human.

The earlier one was a tirtha murti, an image purposely sited near a holy body of water tirthain this case facing west, on the Bhima riverbed, near the Pundalik shrine.