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In the seventh season, Morgan's supporting role becomes a leading one in the absence of Sabrina's aunts. She also had to deal with the snobby and headstrong cheerleader Libby Chessler, who became Sabrina's rival for school activities as well as Harvey's affections. Katrina was last seen giving Jezebelda a pedicure, swearing revenge on Sabrina.

Kraft, until she begins to hate him with Sabrina and they desperately try to break him and Zelda apart when Zelda begins to date him. In one episode, the violin came flying through the patio doors, and the bow went right through it like an arrow through a heart.

He is second string on the football team, and the object of affection of Libby Chessler, fueling Sabrina's rivalry with her.

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Gordie lacks the confidence to stand up for himself, but has the heart of a loyal friend. Later on, she met a man named Aaron, who also worked in the music industry and the two began dating.

She spoke for the first time in Bundt Friday when Zelda was telling Sabrina about a secret cabinet where they kept some of their potions, and it turns out Louisa's portrait was hung on the cabinet door. She is a shy and often awkward girl who looks up to Sabrina despite being quite bright herself.

Kraft as revenge for leaving her. Harvey was first attached to a lie detector which was not even plugged in, strapped to a spit and cooked, and even put on the torture rack, but he finally convinced Irma that Sabrina's secret was safe with him, and she let him go.

In "Spellmanian Slip", Harvey still has a special place in Sabrina's heart with a room of his own. Me being honest about my sexuality might make others want to be as well.

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Pool a twenty-four-hour bug—which turns out to be a real giant bug that terrorizes Mr. Valerie later keeps his glasses. Harvey made a few brief appearances during Season Five.

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Zelda confronted Katrina in the other realm prison, and had to give in to a bribe from her own twin, Jezebelda to get the information she wanted. She dated both Josh and Harvey among many others.

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He often acted jealously towards Harvey, and got a mostly negative review by the fans of the show. As a child again, Zelda left Sabrina to run her own life, upon Sabrina's request.

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Hilda Spellman Hildegarde Antoinette "Hilda" Spellman played by Sherry Miller in the movie, then Caroline Rhea in the series is one of Sabrina's aunts, a year-old European witch who is Zelda's younger sister both of whom moved at some Online dating reviews uk to America.

Zelda is a year-old European witch who at some point moved along with her sister to America. In Season 7, Roxie became one of the leading characters in the absence of Sabrina's aunts. Boyd, Racine, and Maw-Maw: Later, when the hillbillies levitated her, Sabrina was ready to give them the book when Great-Granny arrived to set the record straight.

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Marnie has revealed she has bought a house with her new Marnie and aaron dating Casey Johnson after only five months of dating Marnie wrote: In later seasons, Sabrina was enrolled at the fictional Adams College in Boston.

She is often referred to as a quantum physicist.

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In the Season 6 finale, Sabrina gambles her love life in order to bring her Aunt Hilda back to life because of this Josh took the offer in Pragueand he was never seen again.

Mortimer was never seen on-screen during this episode. Thanks to interference by Salem, Sabrina pinned Prescott after a roll-up.

With her reputation cleared, Candy patched things up with her daughter. Brad was played by Jon Huertas.

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It is also revealed in season 3 that Marie dated Salem before cheating on him with Pierre. Sabrina bravely stood up to Aunt Irma which nobody else has ever doneand Irma removed her spell; when Sabrina confronted her, she mentioned that she was busy frying her brother-in-law.