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Casler, himself single at the time, was intrigued.

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He was then able to hire some help. If no plans are made, you can you meet another person.

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He launched it first in Austin and grew so excited by the idea of doing a tech startup that he quit his job to work full-time on Dindr, living frugally on his savings without a paycheck.

You can log on any time of the day and swipe through your potential matches, which will be based in part on your foods preferences. About people are joining every day, he says. The app saw some initial success when about 2, users downloaded it. And even if they are open to chatting, it may never lead to an actual in-person date.

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Then, twice a day at 11 a. It was a ridiculously hard ritual he went through almost nightly.

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DindrsourceDindr On top of that, someone would be stuck coming up with the recommendation of where to meet. The team did more research and came up with an answer: Why use a food app to find love when so many dating apps already exist?

Casler had moved to Texas a few years earlier for a job as an oil trader.

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The trick was to make an app where everyone had to show up on the app at a particular time to meet their matches.

One that would respectfully allow you to meet with people you match with one at a time?

Once you find someone you want to make plans with, Dindr recommends a place to eat and helps schedule a time. So he built an app called Dindr, which was supposed to be like Tinder for dinner plans.

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Dindr also has plans to launch in Houston, New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, along with more cities as people download the app and request access.

Dindr now has about 3, users worldwide including 1, people who downloaded the app in the month since it was relaunched as a dating app. Three years ago, a lonely Zachary Casler was texting around, trying to find some friends to grab dinner with and deciding on a restaurant they all wanted to try.

But his true love was food.