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Others just seemed to move the age up to match the times; "New Year's noodles" referring to Toshikoshi sobagenerally eaten on New Year's Eve sets the upper limit at Internet dating in Ottawa is the nightclub of the new millennium.

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Ilya retaliates again by defeating Caster She still has a couple potential suitors. As such, her mother worries about her chances of marriage, fearing she may be injured before she finds a husband. This time rotated each week so that no single region had to be there in the middle of the night every time.

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This is on its way to being a Discredited Trope: I believe she's like this since she hasn't been able to get married. What the bleep kind of long-distance relationship is that!?

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Super Dimension Fortress Macross: The adult manga Toshiue no Hito uses this for some drama when the year-old protagonist in university at the time introduces his new girlfriend to his parents; they're scandalised that he's living with a year-old widow.

When Yomiko found out at the end of the manga, the events of the anime backstory happen.

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Really not helped by how the guy Satou Sr. The new hire I was 23 and worked at a call center. Subverted in Fairy Tail. All of this has a devastating effect on what's left of her self-esteem. Shura Kirigakure from Blue Exorcist is hinted to be this when Yukio starts to say what age she will turning this year.

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By using a professional matchmaker you are saving your financial resources for a few great dates rather that cringe worthy dates that are still costly. Shizune, as shown in one of Shippuden's omakes where she whines about how she's unmarried at age 31, due to having spent alot of years accompanying Tsunade Drew kenney bachelorette dating having to make sure she did not get into too much trouble unlike Kurenai who has already a boyfriend.

Ayako is only 23 years old according to Wikipedia and a few other sites, so she's actually still a few years away from becoming a Christmas Cake. So, she asked the handsome and gentlemanly Yoh to take her virginity before killing her She doesn't mind though, since she loves to be spoiled by her father and cares mostly for good food.

It doesn't help that she treats her brother's girlfriend Miyuki herself a little past the limit like shit; her father reacts via openly citing the trope. Local Sensei-chan Karasuma said she's "praying" on Christmas.

Many of our clients in Ottawa work in fields where one sex or another dominates.

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Though it appears to be less because of her age and more because of her terrifying personality and power she is the second person capable of intimidating the Elric brothers. They appreciate that there are actual people working on the matching.

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Hitomi Shinonome from LovelessRitsuka's homeroom teacher, is just 23, but still counts. While nobody is dumb enough to actually say this, she often misconstrues one of her bodyguard's words as claiming this.

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I guess she got fed up with my control freak boss, because one day they got into a screaming argument in the office and my boss sent the rest of the admin staff home early. The next three chapters show very explicitly- Mizore's problem is not that she personally wants to have children.

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Even when the writers are sympathetic to the character, nagging to marry will still come from someone, usually her parents.