MC Kats and Fille: A Relationship Made In Hell, Bonded by Abortions and Infidelity - Campus Eye MC Kats and Fille: A Relationship Made In Hell, Bonded by Abortions and Infidelity - Campus Eye

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It is a public secret among all celebrities that only one camp in Uganda is the source of this STD and that is none other than the Goodlyfe camp. In the past, Kats had always been at the top of his game.

He however declined to divulge any more information as to whether Fille is back at his Kiwatule based rented pad saying it is his private life.

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Kats had been played. Am sorry Fille Winnie Mutoni my papi Abby n my entire family. According to sources, the two got back together a week back and are now dating again. It was for this reason that Kats apologized to his baby mama publicly last week and promised to be a better man claiming that his ego and anger got the better of him.

She will get pregnant whenever the opportunity arises. If you promise her fame or money, she will spread those legs. When Empress found out about her man and Fille, she confronted Nutty Neithan who confessed to having bonked the gorgeous Rwandese born babe.

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A source close to the pair reveals that Kats and Fille have been having secret peace talks aimed at reconciliation for the past few weeks.

Oneitis is a disease where a player suddenly becomes obsessed about this one woman, who realizes Mc kats dating fille and takes advantage of the man.

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Tracy Bora handled the weekdays while Pretty Glo took over on weekends. At one time, Fille even set the cocaine condition in order to continue dating Kats.

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Fille was pregnant by another man. Apparently, MC Kats has always been inspired by the story of Jesus and his 12 disciples.


Fille understood the power game. All these men banged Fille live and she always got pregnant for them.

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She was the pimptress that connected Fille to all the loaded men in the city. Unknown to many, the cracks that held this relationship had begun to expand. According to the source, part of the round table discussion necessitated the lovebirds to apologize to each other for all the wrongs after identifying the root cause of the bitter fall out.

We are told that getting back together with Fille has given Kats so much happiness that his face is now days literary glowing.