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Like French fries but without the golden crispiness — goes well with fish. LinkedIn25 Every country has its peculiar turns of phrase — quirks that give local languages flavour, colour and character.

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To hit or beat up, e. T Takkies — tack-keys: Just or because, e. Girl Asleep is directed by Rosemary Myers was released in October Alternate spelling Chyna Friend, pal, buddy.

Under EMI, Parlophone maintained its status as a jazz label. And, Ag shame, did you see that fluffy puppy? Oh man, with more than a hint of frustration, irritation or annoyance; e.

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Nuts, crazy, insane, usually used to refer to someone who has gone nuts or lost the plot. It can also indicate feeling under the weather, especially when hung over, e. And, Alan was so vrot drunk last night the bartender had to drive him home.

Zach's Ceremony, an indigenous coming-of-age documentary.

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It can be an interjection, e. InPreuss hired George Martin as his assistant. InThe Babadook was released. Usually not said in a nice way. They are treasured by collectors because they are pressed from the original stampers and usually sound much better than the worn and usually rare US OKeh original Miff dating.

Show off, usually recklessly, e.

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Shame is a South Africanism for pity or sympathy, but it can also be used to indicate cuteness. Kramer The Fourmostand The HolliesThe Beatles brought worldwide attention to Parlophone, and it became one of the world's most prestigious record labels.

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Just now means sometime soon, roughly within the next 1 — 3 hours. And, that was a lekker koeksister. O Oke — oak: Short of super cheap red wine called Tassenberg, favoured by students and anyone hard up for cash. W Windgat — vind-ghat: This film premiered at the Sydney Film Festivalthe documentary Namatjira Project about indigenous artist, Albert Namatjira and his legacy.

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And, Sjoe, you look tired. It can also be used for emphasis, e. Extras have been sourced through NFSAwith directors and their family members gaining access to previously unseen archival images, footage and interviews.