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And they seem as bright as they are beautiful, which makes sense when you consider that many of them are very successful as well. We found one little flaw.

When you consider the high net worth status of their primary clientele, the pricing is very reasonable. For members who want the facility to search for genuine millionaires as potential partners, Millionaire Match offers a well-thought-out feature called Certified Millionaire.

Navigation is sensible and user-friendly with search menus at the Gold level offering enough options to narrow or expand a search with sufficient definition to yield a good selection of available listings. The overwhelming majority of 'ultra-high-net-worth individuals' from British universities are male, with just one in 11 of them being women.

That's why everyone is welcome on Millionaire Match, irrelevant of their income. Millionaire Match expertly handles this potentially touchy subject by having members select an income range.

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A small flaw, all things considered. However, on a global scale the Oxbridge universities are the only British institutions to make the cut, with 17 of the top 20 wealth creators being from the U. Despite the strong showing of many British institutions, the U.

Also, Millionaire dating uk take is that most individuals in this category wouldn't be overly excited to meet a discount-minded millionaire.

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Oxford stands at number 16 in the international list, with Cambridge at number Millionaire Match isn't just women looking for rich men. Site layout is clean with a logical flow and good functionality. That privilege is reserved for Gold Members.

The University of Birmingham is where the most self-made millionaires can be found - 84 per cent of its super-rich graduates became wealthy on their own. The majority of institutions on the global version of the list are private universities in the U.

The site offers the usual "contact us" function but we felt the FAQ section left a little to be desired for addressing some of the questions a new Standard free member may have. By our standards they outshine the others in this category by featuring an overwhelming number of incredibly attractive members and verified millionaires.

In this way you're not giving up information you may feel Millionaire dating uk personal at the outset and you're also more likely to find a suitable "Match" with the options presented. We had similar results in a US search of year old men.

In fact, some are looking for just the opposite!

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It's our opinion that the quantity and quality of their enormous base of members serves the discriminating tastes of the rich and famous very well, while those of lesser means also have an opportunity to experience the high life.

We realize we're nitpicking here but it is something that came to our attention. Despite the reputation of Oxford and Cambridge as bastions of the aristocratic elite, relatively few of their multi-millionaires inherited their wealth.

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However, you may not initiate emails or online instant message out to other Standard Members. However, the site does ask for your income and it's best to be honest. Millionaire Match is the "over achiever" in the wealthy dating How to tell if your hookup wants more. If you should receive an email or instant message from a Gold Member you may reply back for free to that member.

The only American public universities with more than super-rich alumni are the University of Virginia, the University of California, Berkeley and the University of Michigan.


About that there is no question. For example, a search for year old women in the UK presented us with over results and nearly every one had photos. The only other institution to boast more than mega-rich alumni is the University of Manchester. Free members can access the following: Our members include CEOs, pro athletes, doctors, lawyers, investors, entrepreneurs, beauty queens, fitness models, and Hollywood celebrities, just to name a few"- Millionaire Match HomepageThat's a strong statement from MillionaireMatch.

Millionaire Match looks like a great place for generous, wealthy millionaires to match up with those who want to benefit from the lifestyle that goes along with it.

Visit Site Millionaire Match Review MillionaireMatch is our top choice from the 10 rich men dating sites and millionaire dating sites that we have reviewed.