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In return they would share whatever they might earn, so that Esca could buy what he needed for his trip North to the land of the Brigantes. Changing from a first person POV to Third:: Reid - Complete Amber Light in Wintry Bed by Faikitty reviews Akari doesn't mind the winter, unless he's stuck aboard a certain dark haired captain's ship during a snowstorm.

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Might continue if anyone likes. Reese, do not close your eyes again.

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Chapters between and words. Reid is in a mood and Jackson has an unconventional solution.

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This is that first year. Evil Within - Rated: K - English - Romance - Chapters: Or is it what she really needed all her life?

T - English - Romance - Chapters: Esca would stay with Marcus through the first year, to help him set up his farm.

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Artherton - Complete Sweet Serendipity by Faikitty reviews Work, as usual, has to come before romance. Eventual slash Peep Show - Rated: Dedicated to the very talented Azii. This is better known as that one time Cobb begged the team to dress as characters from the Wizard of Oz.

T - English - Adventure - Chapters: Jackson Waking Up to Coffee by Faikitty reviews Akari does have a pretty face, even if his attitude is less attractive. He gives Harold a look but does not say anything; he does not need to.

With the help of her friends she cheers up but now she's saying they're going to have a slumberparty! I know my presence can be distracting to you. Eagle, - Rated: The First Sleepover by Gabriel Prince reviews Loki is preparing for Mayura to come over as she always does, however, when she comes over she seems a bit down.

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And while Eames is playing Scarecrow for the sake of Cobb's little motherless children, he wouldn't lie about how he would never miss out on Arthur playing the Tin Man. And no, he doesn't still claim that it's because the man is committing crimes against fashion.

Maybe pairing if I continue. He had always known that making it happen would require a group effort Hirato isn't okay with that. Other Sides by Three Rejects reviews A series of short stories taking the perspective of various minor and secondary characters throughout the events of Wanderer's Diary.

They are both far too proud to make errors often. But at times, drinking has its advantages.

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Gareki confesses to Yogi that he is tired of his fake care-free attitude, which results in a very unpleasant encounter with Silver Yogi.

No, that is not a reason for you to send me harassing texts. Se dedicaron de nueva cuenta a ver las estrellas Nheers reviews Bertie decides to keep a diary of unsent letters to Jeeves, for whom he has been harboring the more tender emotions. Hunter X Hunter - Rated: