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Dating Limitations for People with MS Multiple sclerosis symptoms can interfere with different types of dating activities. Remember that your own attitude about MS will likely cue your date as to how to react. Meruka Gupta, a medical student, found out she had M.

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Johnson had her first symptoms in November, If a date is rather quiet afterward, it may mean that he or she needs time to process the news. Depression in multiple sclerosis: For example, if mobility is an issue for you, going to the movies is a better idea than playing miniature golf.

Do you or does someone you know have multiple sclerosis? Bradshaw, Jane et al. When you feel comfortable about discussing and living with MS, your date generally will feel more comfortable talking with you about it as well.

A growing body of research suggests that identifying and correcting vitamin D deficiencies early could aid in early treatment of the disease. Do you work closely with physicians? The device, which he wears on his leg, uses electrodes to tell the body to raise his toes with each step.

Naturally Treat Multiple Sclerosis – Therapies, Diet, Pain Management, Alternative Medicine

As a relationship progresses, you may feel more comfortable that he or she would rather know about your situation and help you with it than not know.

Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry ; There is a good chance that your date probably does not know much about MS, so also be prepared to answer questions and delve into a little detail about how this condition affects you if you are asked. Multiple sclerosis is a disease of the central nervous system.

The most important thing to remember, whether you or someone you know has MS, is that with proper diagnosis, support and treatment, the symptoms of depression can be alleviated, leading to a better quality of life for people with MS.

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It can cause blindness, slurred speech, muscle weakness and a loss of coordination. There is no known cause or cure for MS, which is twice as common in women than men.

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Are your services covered by my insurance? One of the aides that Mr. By some estimates, roughly half of all people with MS will experience depression at some point in their lives.

Though further study is needed, many experts believe this may help to explain the strong link between depression and MS.

Johnson is actively involved in support groups for minorities with M.

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She is forced to rely on others to get around and navigate the outside world. Mosher assumed that it would just get better. Siegert, RJ et al.

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What is your success rate in treating depression? Treatment for Depression in MS Treating depression in MS often starts with a primary care physician, though some advocates recommend also seeing a psychiatrist who can monitor the progress of your treatment for depression.

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MS affects the brain and the nervous system and destroys myelin sheath layers between the nerves in the brain and spinal cord which stops impulses being carried around the body. It means a lot. Gupta several years to fully understand how M. Share this article Share This was the first study to look how differences in sun exposure duration and intensity throughout one's lifetime are related to MS.