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Pretty, feminine, talented early forties, fit, professional female seeks her male counterpart—accomplished, dynamic, attractive and athletic man, years old, 5'8"-6'3".

When carried forward to a Bad Future where Croatoan virus has swept over the Earth, Dean reads the date on a government warning sign announcing the area he's in is a hot zone.

In Fairy Fencer Fin at least two of the three alternate timelines, the Newspaper dating classifieds discovers that they've traveled in time thanks to this.

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In the Afterschool Special My Mother was Never a Kid Victoria Martin, after getting into an argument with her mother, seemingly travels through time during a subway trip, and meets her mother as a teenager she only confirms her travel by finding a newspaper dated You must live an examined life, be a reader, appreciate great food, and demonstrate integrity and tenderness in your relationships.

On YouTube herestarting at 5: J finally just asks him What Year Is It? Zachariah the angel who sent him there later turns up to read the newspaper to him, just to ram home what a Crapsack World it is.

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Interested in the environment and social justice. Other documents that do suggest dates by year are wildly contradictory e.

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Reply to caroline grayandfarrar. A look at the expiration date of a discarded candy bar wrapper confirms this.

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Played Newspaper dating classifieds in Back to the Future Part IIwhere the newspaper confirms Marty has the right date, he's just in a different timeline.

Rancho Santa Fe, California lady, 60's, attractive, accomplished seeks gentleman She comes to realize that she and her mother are very much the same.

After rifling through them, he panics, declaring "Oh my god, it's ! Men in their 40's's to 70's are invited to be introduced to our very attractive, talented, lovely female clients through personal and confidential invitation.

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Click photo to view this ad at full size Blues Match. On a recycled space shuttle. Sano's barely able to get him to look at an old discarded newspaper, which wins him over.

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New England to Florida. Click photo to view this ad at full size Boston-New York. Participate in an established and proven program that values your time, considers your Poly dating denver and truly enhances the quality of your social and personal life.

The time traveler in question looks at a newspaper to see what year it is, and, well Marty does this in the first and second Back to the Future movies.

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Click here to see their video story from the New York Times Vows section. Western Animation In Batman: Another take on this trope is the Doctor who has Seen It All telling the date from the technology around him, e.

Click photo to view this ad at full size Smiling blue eyes vibrant, trim, ageless professional. This is about three years earlier than he intended to arrive, since he'd planned to skip World War I.

Deliberately subverted in The Lost Crown: