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Some victims call back multiple times in an effort to collect all the details. Of course, not all scams will be as blatantly obvious as Sandra's. Later the check is not honoured and the bank debits the victim's account. The Nigerian scam has long been flagged as a common type of cyber crime.

According to Cormac Herley, a Microsoft researcher, "By sending an email that repels all but the most gullible, the scammer gets the most promising marks to self-select.

I'm Not Really Royalty: The World Of Nigerian Internet Scams

While Gmail does indeed strip headers from emails, it is, in fact, possible to trace an IP address from such an email. Customs, they simply needed to look real as an attached.

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To help persuade the victim to agree to the deal, the scammer often sends one or more false documents which bear official government stampsand seals. As if "wire the money" and the cringeworthy spelling weren't dead giveaways, "Sandra" wants Justin to wire the money to her "traevel agent" who lives in Nigeria.

So many run-on sentences. They'll ask the employee to transfer the money to a U.

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Everything the scammer tells you — their name, address, occupation, and sob story — is a complete lie. To keep up their insane cash flow, they have to stay ahead of the con game.

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Then we claim to be a FedEx official who is going to deliver the money. If they are located in the U. Other non-cancellable forms of payment include postal money orders and cashier's checks, but wire transfer via Western Union or MoneyGram is more common.

There are many variants of the letters sent. Quite often the fraudulent negotiables are still sent to the address on the victim's resume, even after the fake online rant.

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When the scammer — who apparently had never heard of the television series Star Trek — asked for his passport details, "Kirk" sent a copy of a fake passport with a photo of Star Trek's Captain Kirk, hoping the scammer would attempt to use it and get arrested.

With correct banking information a check can be produced that looks genuine, passes all counterfeit tests, and may initially clear the paying account if the account information is accurate and the funds are available.