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People will always think they know your situation better than you do and give you conflicting, hurtful, and confusing advice. Long-term effects See also: Joan Saturday at 1: It sounds very much like he is suffering from post traumatic stress disorder PTSD.

I have tried so many times only to return to the sane thing over and over again, i gave birth to his son 4 months ago, of course he was great for the first while but it is all back to normal again, i now have to be strong for my son and i have to start recovering myself from this disease, i am aware i am also sick and i need to now start putting myself first, but how and where do i start?

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In the beginning it got so bad that he stole all of my jewelry and other personal items and pawned them for money for pills. During our marriage I have asked him stop on many occasions.


His family was not supportive of me at all and bullied me. We did not wish to get in wrong with the medical profession by pronouncing alcoholism a disease entity.

I used to demand apologies n Non alcoholic dating site him to call me more names n anxiety n blow up n just let him get to me. His father, grandfather, and other relatives were also alcoholics. Other Figured Flasks This category of figured flasks covers the flasks that do not fit into the previous categories.

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It seemed very normal to him. Subscribe to this post Subscribe to Addiction Blog updates Tulip Dsouza Friday, August 2nd, have stayed-been through the rehab therapy and family meetings n in addition I am a nurse- so I Didn't Do What others advised me to do- I used tough love n showed myself to be tougher- but in the end internally I am left hurting more than ever- everytime his siblings help him out financially n also pay for his treatments n when he is out n sober- it is me n our 2 now teenage children who have 2 pretend like everything has been wiped clean n all is right with the world.

I'm so so so sad.

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It can trigger heart attacks Sugar is bad news for the heart, even in seemingly healthy individuals, says cardiologist Dr Aseem Malhotra.

I have now moved away from the idea of divorce and we are restoring our marriage.

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We have 3 children together. During these three months, I have attended counseling, read books, attended A-ALON meetings and I am going to peer Lync matchmaking service and counseling for domestically abused woman.

Additional information and estimates are based on the empirical observations of the author over 50 years of experience; this is often but not always noted.