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Yet only 71 dealers had their licenses revoked or were denied a renewal.

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Several Tiahrt restrictions have been removed from the law in recent years. The NRA view is that more than enough laws are already on the books.

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Unlike gun dealers, explosives dealers, also regulated by ATF, are Nra dating to keep annual inventories. That would eliminate the incentive criminals have to buy from unlicensed gun show dealers.

Vince notes that NFA weapon owners are also required to obtain a signature from a local law enforcement authority, because these officials are more likely to know whether a prospective machine-gun owner is a responsible citizen.

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As a practical matter, the lack of a computerized records system for gun sales means that a crime gun trace that might otherwise be accomplished in a matter of seconds can take up to two weeks. As a result, thousands of prohibited buyers slip through the cracks every year.

The NRA claims that Yeti refuses to sell to its foundation. Yeti begs to differ.

Ludington came under suspicion during a routine ATF audit in which he was unable to account for firearms. When a felon purchases a gun, the FBI has one day to figure that out. A report by the Government Accountability Office found that 17 states have provided fewer than 10 mental health records to the database between and For ATF investigators, a large number of lost or stolen firearms from a particular dealer can be a red flag that the dealer may be selling to criminals.

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He says US gun laws often make that work far more difficult. An NRA challenge to a Pittsburgh law was turned down in A straw buyer can pass Brady checks. In effect, the FBI is required to destroy evidence of a crime. The NRA opposes lost and stolen reporting laws.

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Spitzer, author of The Politics of Gun Control. Owners of NFA firearms, as they are known, are fingerprinted, photographed and subjected to an FBI background check, and the serial numbers of Nra dating guns are kept in a federal database, whose contents, Vince says, have never been divulged outside of a legitimate law enforcement inquiry.

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He chose to run for Senate inbut was defeated in a primary. President Obama has so far opted not to re-fight that battle.

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The NFA has effectively removed these guns from the criminal marketplace. ATF investigations helped win more than 68, convictions between andsending more than 55, criminals to prison for an average of 15 years each.

Two of the riders effectively ban consolidation and computerization of records. The FBI must destroy information in background checks within 24 hours.

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