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There are times when both parties know the relationship won't last as they don't want to make the commitment but still they want to enjoy the experience. Utterly infantile unfounded fears, and guess what? Trust me, I know.


Older women are looking better every day, thanks to creative medical advances and a gym on every corner. Ready for Commitment Many older guys have already had time to experiment and play the field. She works out a lot by her own admission and judging by her track record in this department and often meets partners at the gym, not the bars.

With an older man, women don't expect any awkward moments in the dark.

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It is well documented that they had a very happy, loving and monogamous marriage. Also, dating a cougar would also mean more life experiences to learn from. The first one was very particular about when we saw each other. Life is a journey and our dreams, feelings, goals and aspirations remain regardless of age.

The older woman subject is like the online dating taboo of the early s; forward 15 years and nobody blinks an eye if a couple mentions they met online.

But what about the notion that men are "hard-wired" to seek a smooth-faced, curvy receptacle for reproduction and thus are drawn to younger women?

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Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. They want a woman who knows who she is. They have learned from their mistakes. He doesn't want to.

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Those were the ages of Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore when the couple tied the knot last year, making their highly publicized May-December romance official. At this point in his life, he knows that he doesn't want to be alone, and he knows the type of woman who will make him happy.

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His Experience Counts When it comes to sex, an older male is perceived as knowing his way around the bedroom. In our lifetime, there is no such thing as "forever," and the same applies to relationships.

Forward a few hours later, and I'm dancing with a guy who not only could dance but had such a beautiful smile, he made me stay longer. Meet Singles in your Area! This "lack of commitment" or "not ready for a relationship yet" situation, has nothing to do with the year we were born or even maturity.

The average length of the relationships was 13 years.

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Rich guys are the worst. Since when falling in love has anything to do with age? Instead, a much older man has reached a more settled point of his life.

Hardly ever, a relationship ends because of age. They expect the guy to know exactly what he is doing and to take the time to meet their needs. It was plenty to help cover my bills and I actually really enjoyed dating him. This is mainly why many young men today are looking more for cougars as they offer them the financial stability.