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They went out to Mexican food, and then went shopping afterwards… Grady even bought her a hat, and paid for everything! When you find out why, you probably wont blame the guy! They married in October ofwelcomed a daughter named Nora ina son named Henry in —and their Chocolate Lab, Maizie completes the family.

Bathroom Boy There are a lot of options to escape from a bad date, but this one might be the most shocking! Things went well, and they even made out a little! She lives for all things Anthropologie, is a total foodie and dreams of throwing adult dinner parties, complete with fine wine and artisan cheeses.

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He played a prank on her, but then took her out to a nice dinner… and now she wont call him back. Did she Online dating 5fm she loves wine??

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If Katie graduated without some sort of job plan in place, she knew her parents would suffer even more disappointment and Katie just couldn't live with herself if that happened. Truth Or Dare Krista recently went on a date with Scott, a guy she met online.

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Katie prides herself on having champagne taste on a beer budget. Katie's life was forever changed when her now-husband Ben walked in to her life -fairytale style they met in a bar!

This woman has a diabolical strategy to get out of them, and its really… really awful. Yeah, lots and lots of wine. He went all out for the date, and really gave his best effort to impress her.

Mystery Makeout Tara had one of the rudest things ever happen to her on a first date.

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They were planning on seeing a movie, but it was sold out. Katie knew radio was for her but also knew that living with her parents after college made her look like a loser. It was in Boone that Katie found her true passions in life: However, he might have gone a little overboard… and creeped her out.

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A Senior Moment Corey is a single guy looking for a relationship, but he also works at a retirement home. After class one day, Grady asked her out on what she thought was a date.

During her final year of college her senior-senior year as Katie likes to call it she realized she'd needed to pick a career and she needed to pick it quick. Now Katherine cant get a hold of Grady, and she cant figure out ….