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There are lot of combinations in your chart which shows delay in marriage. Additionally, this awesome fortune teller tells about Ashtakoot Dosh and Dosha Parihar.

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Also known as janam-patri, this is prepared by knowing the exact time, date and place of birth of a child. If you want to know about the dasha calculation in your horoscope we can provide you with the shodah's Varga table. In case of a love marriage, kundli reading should be like this- the 7th house should have the 5th house significator as the sublord.


You are advised to read all about astrology horoscope compatibility before using matching calculator. It is analyzed with the help of 12 zodiac signs, twelve houses, and planetary positions.

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When significance of marriage venus planet in case of male and jupiter in case of female chart get good strength placement and aspect of benefic planets on the significator planet is the main reason of happy marriage life.

Planetary Positions Can you provide me with the planetary positions of my birth time? And if the case is worse and doshas are unable of being removed completely, then marriage is not advisable for the two people.

When malefic planets impact on seventh house house of marriage like saturn,rahu,mars,sun,it may cause delay in marriage.

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However, if the two people are deeply in love with each other and want to be together in a relationship, then they can take advice of an astrologer and look for some remedies. Can I some remedies if required? Negative dasha, antardasha, may also lead to divorce.

This is another way to predictions that we do.

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The placement of benefic planets in the 7th house. The 2nd house should be free from affliction and with benefic rays. The second and third house represent wealth and relationships respectively. You should use authentic services for kundli prediction.

What is Ashtak Varga calculations? If the boy's moon is placed in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th house from girl's moon, then it is considered bad or inauspicious, whereas 7th and 12th houses are considered good.