Oseltamivir total synthesis Oseltamivir total synthesis

Oseltamivir synthesis shikimic acid, supplemental content

An alternate way, is to make shikimic acid as a result of dephosphorylation of shikimatephosphate. One is shown below; An alternative mode of synthesis of tamiflu, not utilising shikimic acid.

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Selective acylation with acetic anhydride under buffered conditions, the 5-amino group is protonated owing to a considerable difference in pKa4. To transform the undesired by-products into the desired ethyl cyclohexencarboxylate derivative, the mixture of the product and by-products was treated with Cs2CO3 in ethanol.

Trost of Stanford University published the shortest synthetic route to date. This latter compound spontaneously rearranges to gallic acid. The fifth enzyme involved is the shikimate kinasean enzyme that catalyzes the ATP -dependent phosphorylation of shikimate to form shikimate 3-phosphate shown in the figure below.

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With the librated methanesulfonic acidthe aziridine opens cleanly to yield a diamine that immediately undergoes a second transimination. Uses[ edit ] In the pharmaceutical industry, shikimic acid from the Chinese star anise Illicium verum is used as a base material for production of oseltamivir Tamiflu.

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Corey oseltamivir synthesis Butadiene 1 reacts in an asymmetric Diels-Alder reaction with the esterification product of acrylic acid and 2,2,2-trifluoroethanol 2 catalysed by the CBS catalyst. The powder formulation is primarily intended to enable children to receive the drug, but may also be used by adults who are unable to swallow capsules.

Nevertheless, it must be noted that this strategy depends upon sufficient pharmacy infrastructure to cope with large scale reconstitution in the event of pandemic. Aminoshikimic acid is also an alternative to shikimic acid as a starting material for the synthesis of oseltamivir.

Both 75 mg capsules and powder formulation have been shown to be bioequivalent dosage forms, and can be Speed dating harrogate for use in a pandemic situation.

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A second Mitsunobu reaction then forms the aziridine 14 available for ring-opening reaction with 3-pentanol catalyzed by boron trifluoride to ether Due to lower yields and the extra steps required because of the additional dehydrationthe quinic acid route was dropped in favour of the one based on shikimic acid, which Oseltamivir synthesis shikimic acid further improvements by Hoffmann-La Roche.

Only the molecule itself is patented, regardless of the synthesis.

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A low isolation yield of shikimic acid from Illicium verum is blamed for the shortage of oseltamivir. This domino Curtius rearrangement and amide formation occurs in the absence of heat, which is extremely beneficial for reducing any possible hazard.

Another synthesis of Tamiflu has been devised by Elias Corey of Harvard University and colleagues which involves the use of acrylate and butadiene, two readily available and cheap petrochemicals.

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Corey synthesis[ edit ] In the group of E. Keeping cost, yield, and number of synthetic steps in mind, an enantioselective total synthesis of 1 was accomplished through three one-pot operations.

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Commercial production[ edit ] The current production method is based on the first scalable synthesis developed by Gilead Sciences [2] starting from naturally occurring quinic acid Oseltamivir synthesis shikimic acid shikimic acid. Finally, addition of sodium azide, in the last reaction of the second one-pot operation, produce the acyl azide 7 without any purification needed.

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When these bacteria are overfed glucose, or sugar, they produce shikimic acid as a waste product. Furthermore, oseltamivir has a bitter taste, thus there is also a need for masking flavor especially when giving the drug to young children.