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Outline the formation of carbohydrate molecules in photosynthesis. Chapter 10 - photosynthesis | coursenotes

Wavelengths longer than red are referred to as infrared, while those shorter than violet Outline the formation of carbohydrate molecules in photosynthesis ultraviolet.

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Chloroplast and Thylakoid In photosynthetic bacteria, the proteins that gather light for photosynthesis are embedded in cell membranes. Explain the role of water in photosynthesis. List the two major processes of photosynthesis and state what occurs in those sets of reactions.

The overall equation for the light-dependent reactions under the conditions of non-cyclic electron flow in green plants is: Unfortunately for the plant, while these gases are moving between the inside and outside of the leaf, a great deal water is also lost.

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Cottonwood trees, for example, will lose gallons of water per hour during hot desert days. Plants absorb light primarily using the pigment chlorophyll. The energy may be emitted immediately as a longer wavelength, a phenomenon known as fluorescence.

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Why not so much in the orange and yellow wavelengths? Cyclic Electron Flow occurs in some eukaryotes and primitive photosynthetic Hook up meaning in hindi. Wavelength and other saspects of the wave nature of light.

Explain the effect of light intensity and temperature on the rate of photosynthesis. Light energy causes the removal of an electron from a molecule of P that is part of Photosystem II.

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The antenna system is at the core of the chlorophyll molecule of the photosystem II reaction center. Following each question is the markscheme answer which was used to evaluate student answers on the examination paper. The raw materials of photosynthesis, water and carbon dioxide, enter the cells of the leaf, and the products of photosynthesis, sugar and oxygen, leave the leaf.

The action spectrum of photosynthesis is the relative effectiveness of different wavelengths of light at generating electrons.

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Image from Purves et al. Living systems cannot directly utilize light energy, but can, through a complicated series of reactions, convert it into C-C bond energy that can be released by glycolysis and other metabolic processes.

The non-absorbed part of the light spectrum is what gives photosynthetic organisms their color e. In such proteins, the pigments are arranged to work together.

These electrons can create an electrical current. The thylakoids appear as flattened disks.

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Many Prokaryotes have only one photosystem, Photosystem II so numbered because, while it was most likely the first to evolve, it was the second one discovered. Land plants must guard against drying out desiccation and so have evolved specialized structures known as stomata to allow gas to enter and leave the leaf.

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The oxidation of water is catalyzed in photosystem II by a redox-active structure that contains four manganese ions and a calcium ion; this oxygen-evolving complex binds two water molecules and contains the four oxidizing equivalents that are used to drive the water-oxidizing reaction Dolai's S-state diagrams.

Absorption spectrum of several plant pigments left and action spectrum of elodea righta common aquarium plant used in lab experiments about photosynthesis.

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Remember the complexity of life, each reaction in this process, as in Kreb's Cycle, is catalyzed by a different reaction-specific enzyme.

The electron is "boosted" to a higher energy state and attached to a primary electron acceptor, which begins a series of redox reactions, passing the electron through a series of electron carriers, eventually attaching it to a molecule in Photosystem I.

Sodium, potassium and selenium have critical wavelengths in the visible light range. Water photolysis Main articles: Chlorophyll a absorbs its energy from the Violet-Blue and Reddish orange-Red wavelengths, and little from the intermediate Green-Yellow-Orange wavelengths.

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Besides chlorophyll, plants also use pigments such as carotenes and xanthophylls. The product of that reaction forms glycolic acid, a chemical that can be broken down by photorespiration, producing neither NADH nor ATP, in effect dismantling the Calvin Cycle.

Two water molecules are oxidized by four successive charge-separation reactions by photosystem II to yield a molecule of diatomic oxygen and four hydrogen ions; the electrons yielded are transferred to a redox-active tyrosine residue that then reduces the oxidized chlorophyll a called P that serves as the primary light-driven electron donor in the photosystem II reaction center.

Several modifications of chlorophyll occur among plants and other photosynthetic organisms. Photosystem I uses chlorophyll a, in the form referred to as P

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