The Craven Herald: News from across skipton and surrounding areas. The Craven Herald: News from across skipton and surrounding areas.

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Byan ongoing struggle between the Mahican and Iroquois confederacies led to direct attacks on the Pocumtuc by the Iroquoian Mohawk nation. The Partition of Northampton[ edit ] Northampton's territory would be enlarged beyond the original settlement, but later portions would be carved up into separate cities, towns, and municipalities.

In Greenfield was set off and incorporated.

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Native Americans and English had quite differing ideas about property and land use, which contributed to their conflicts, along with competition for resources. He wrote a captivity narrative about his experience, Pioneer dating was published in and became well known. Pynchon's party purchased land on both sides of Connecticut River from 18 tribesman who lived at a palisade fort at the current site of Springfield's Longhill Street.

Seuss Memorial garden, which recreates the Springfield author's whimsical characters in bronze. Seuss grew up, and wrote several of the works for which he is now best known, e.

Inthe first motorcycle company in the world was "Indian"produced in Springfield; inthe first modern fire engines in the world were produced by Knox Automobilewhich made Springfield's fire department the first modern fire department in the world; and lastly, the first commercial radio station in the U.

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Colonial casualties numbered about sixty. At that time, on the western bank of the Connecticut River, the explorers found the Pocomtuc or perhaps Nipmuck Indian village of Agawam. Southamptonfor example, was incorporated inand included parts of the territories of modern Montgomery which was itself incorporated in and Easthampton.

They struck at dawn, razing Deerfield and killing 56 colonists, including Is chili still dating the model men, 9 women, and 25 children. It occupies a fertile portion of the Connecticut River Valley and was vulnerable to attack because of its position near the Berkshire Mountains.

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InBlanchard also built the first American car, a "horseless carriage," which was powered by steam. The price paid was 18 hoes, 18 fathoms of wampum, 18 coats, 18 hatchets and 18 knives.

Ininventor Thomas Blanchard invented the lathe in Springfield, which would catalyze manufacturing developments now known the world over as interchangeable parts and the assembly line.

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Only four copies survived. Most of the Deerfield captives eventually returned to New England. It was in this context that the land making up the bulk of modern Northampton was sold to settlers from Springfield, Massachusetts inand settled the following year. Several copies made it back to the Massachusetts Bay Colony and its capital, Boston, which, this time reacted with rage to Pynchon rather than with support.

Just south of the Westfield Riverthe colonists constructed a pre-fabricated house in what is present-day Agawam, Massachusetts. On February 29,during Queen Anne's Warjoint French and Indian forces attacked the town in what has become known as the Raid on Deerfield.

The original, main profit-generating industry for Springfield was trade with the Indians for beaver skins, which were then exported around the colonial world.

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First settled by English colonists inDeerfield was incorporated in Symphony Hall was built inand its ornamentation is a spectacle in itself.

The major playhouse in Springfield Pioneer dating CityStage, which features an eclectic mix of entertainment.

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After warnings from the Natives about the Connecticut River's west side being prone to flooding, [19] most Springfield settlers moved to the east side of the river, which was slightly less advantageous for farming because of its prominent bluffs and hills.

Hampshire County[ edit ] The Pioneer Valley is sometimes known to its collegiate inhabitants as "Happy Valley", but more typically full-time residents refer to it simply as "the Valley".

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Residents benefit from a rich cultural array of fine arts, performances, notable architecture and sidewalks of strolling scientists and literary VIPs - mostly in the college towns and in Springfield.

It was designated county seat when Franklin County was created from Hampshire County in The shortest path to downtown was on a road near the Connecticut River oxbowwhich was subject to frequent flooding.

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The initial land grants to English families were made there in what is today Springfield's Metro Centeralong what is today Main Street. In retaliation, at dawn on May 19,Pioneer dating William Turner led an army of settlers in a surprise attack on Peskeompskut, in present-day Montaguethen a traditional native gathering place.

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With Windsor's and Wethersfield's consent, the three southerly settlements commissioned the famed Native American-conqueror Captain John Mason to travel to Springfield with "money in one hand and a sword in the other. The Duryea's car also won the world's first automobile race in in Chicago. They killed natives, mostly women and children.

Constitutionoccurred at the Armory ten years after Washington's founding of it - and also forced him to come out of retirement.