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What she has to deal with is an arranged marriage. Even though the little town is quite nice, there are some strange things happening there. Blind Date 2 Another lovely romantic game.

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In the kingdom of Cadille, the guards are on a constant look for Isador, which is properly hidden by Branwen in a rented room. It will usually take multiple successful dates to complete the seduction.

You are right next to Bieber in this game and your next step is get up there and kiss him. You will have to wait a while before you can go back home because the magical book only works during the full moon. Date the person who you think is best for you.

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Will Soffie succeed or became a Dream Soul herself? There is a nice story and lots of great characters full of charm. You will be transported to an unusual world that is populated by humans and cat-people right after a recurring dream leads you to a magical book.

Basically, it is a sim dating game for girls, but boys can play it as well. Other Age This is an awesome dating sim game that can be played be everyone and is safe for any age group.

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Dating frenzy Talk to different men and make them go out with you. Colors of a Feather In this simulation game, you will be a girl who just moved into a new town.

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EXO band, from South Korea, is the company that has sponsored this game. Choose the right conversation lines and get a date. There are thirty dream cycles 30 days available to succeed.

As well as helping you get the date, building stats allows you to get better jobs around town. You have the role of a princess in this dating sim game for girls. The boyfriend trainer 2 A sequence to the boyfriend trainer.

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For the date to be considered a success, the meter should be high at the end of the conversation. The main difference between the two is the gender of the main character and the gender of those you are trying to seduce. There are ten boys available to summon with a machine that you are given and there are 31 possible endings to complete.

Catch him in the act and teach him to be good.

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Outsmart your boyfriend, get yourself lot of money with…Love! She needs to choose between Angel, Gage, Cero or Riley — three unique characters to have relationships with, and one secret, silly character to save! It is based on the original series Imaginary Realm and Genetic Glow.

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Each date is different, so you need to memorize the important aspects during your conversations. To obtain a good chance for a date, you will need to select the person carefully. I think creators really did a good job: