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There is often a "window" of time early in the second trimester when it is debatable whether to use abdominal or vaginal ultrasound in women of any size, but especially in women of size. Although many heavy women fear that their abdominal fat will prevent the technician from "seeing" anything with the ultrasound, this fear is unfounded.

If any technician or health-care worker is EVER disrespectful or callous Common the singer dating your size, you should protest immediately, communicate your concerns, and demand better treatment.

Instead of a superficial "look" at the fetus, a Level Two ultrasound looks specifically for any suspected problems or areas of concern. However, extensive adiposity can sometimes make it harder to see everything thoroughly.

If your provider tells you that they cannot do so because of your size, you should question their competence to see women of size at all! The following are some of the most common concerns of women of size when getting an ultrasound.

We decided the only way to ensure our baby was out safely was to have a cesarean. Routine ultrasounds done because a provider does not believe fetal position can be palpated in obese women are unnecessary and fat-phobic.

The most common reasons given for extra ultrasounds in big women include: Use your own judgment on what is the best choice in your situation.

It's the handling that often causes the birth injuries, and proper training can reduce that risk significantly. Since dieting often depletes the body of B vitamins, it seems logical that women who crash-dieted or lost a lot of weight prior to or during early pregnancy might be at risk.

Exactly how much weight gain should trigger such surveillance, however, is unclear.


Although ultrasounds can be a bit more difficult in larger women, the vast majority of the time ultrasounds turn out just fine in women of size. Research the issues carefully so that you make an informed choice, and then either request or decline the test, based on your individual needs and values.

It creates an image by bouncing ultrasound waves off of tissues inside the body in this case, off of the baby. So in women with extremely irregular cycles, ultrasound to help date the pregnancy can be very helpful. For obese nondiabetic women carrying fetuses whose weights are estimated to be within normal limits, there is no increased risk of shoulder dystocia.

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It doesn't necessarily mean they are trying to be cruel; they may simply have been taught to always mention this in a report to cover themselves "just in case. This is why the latest clinical management guidelines for macrosomia from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists state: Measurement of N, the number of 14 C atoms currently in the sample, allows the calculation of t, the age of the sample, using the equation above.

This is uncommon and probably a little uncomfortable, but if there is an image that needs clarification, some research has reported success with this, especially with visualizing the fetal heart.

For example, What To Expect When You're Expecting states, "Accurate dating of a pregnancy may be tricky because ovulation is often erratic in obese women and because some of the yardsticks doctors traditionally use to estimate the date the height of the fundus, the size of the uterus may be made indecipherable by layers of fat.

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Another study, Levine et al. Kmom's own experiences with prenatal testing detailed in the FAQs have largely been negative, and she is certainly strongly concerned that so many women enter into these tests without really considering what they are doing beforehand.

Perhaps these providers are assuming unnecessarily that extremely firm pressure will be needed.

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Exposing the fetus to ultrasound is not necessary; it is obvious from the woman's cycle that she ovulates later than usual, and the due date should be adjusted. Other times, a second ultrasound may clearly be indicated.

Other studies NoconLewis have also found that obesity was not independently associated with shoulder dystocia. However, research shows that because it is based mostly on measurements of hard tissues or easily seen landmarks like abdominal circumference, estimated fetal size is just as accurate in women of size as in women of average size Field The area that tends to be most difficult to see in big women is the baby's heart, and sometimes the baby's spine, the mother's ovaries, and the baby's kidneys or urinary system as well.

So obviously even very fat women with very "padded pelvises" can and HAVE given birth vaginally, and without shoulder dystocia. If your provider can track fetal growth without serial ultrasounds in women of average size, then they should be able to do it in women of size as well.

Extra ultrasounds for dating a pregnancy may be necessary in some big moms, just as it is in some average-sized moms, based on indications like very irregular or longer-than-average cycles.