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Do not start cutting until you have a Always disconnect spark clear work area, secure footing, and, if you plug wire and place wire where it cannot con- are felling trees, a planned retreat path.

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Taking the following pre- formulated for our air cooled two- -stroke cautions will lessen the risk of fire: Do not at- The chain brake must be disengaged before tempt any task that makes you feel uncom- cutting with the saw.

Charles refused to listen to any advice and gradually assembled a few local supporters.

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Maurepas, entrusted with the execution of the King's will, hurried the organization and departure of the troops. Move ignition switch to ON.

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The ensuing war rebellion was one mainly of marches and counter marches which lasted through the intervening months.

Philip Walsh, baptized in Dublin inbuilt several men-of-war for the French service.

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Charles sent letters and messengers from his HQ at Borrodale summoning support and he decided on Glenfinnan as the place where he would first assemble his army. Recheck each assem- bly step if the saw is received assembled.


Accordingly, Lord Clare, afterwards Marshal Thomondthen a lieutenant-general in the French service, was authorised to open a negotiation with two merchants of Irish extraction, named Rutledge and Walsh, who had made some money by trading to the West Indies.

Prolonged use in cold weather has placement parts as recommended.

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Prince Charles Edward, abandoned to his own forces, was defeated at Culloden in the month of Aprilwhich effectively ended the rebellion. Improper maintenance could result in serious engine damage or in se- Cleaning the air filter: Make sure the bar which kicks the guide bar up and back to- clamp nuts are securely tightened after ten- ward the operator.

Page 2 Lowering fuel consumption, emissions and noise levels are of top priority to us, as is improving safety and user-friendliness.

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Make Never climb into a tree to the first cut on the pressure side to relieve limb or prune. The chain must not 4. Do not stand on ladders, plat- the stress on the log.

The chain is sharp and can cut you even when it is not moving!