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And what about my hair?

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But that was close enough. However, they only wanted to open it in theaters whereas AVCO Embassy Pictures offered to release it in 1, theaters.

There was something about her that put me at ease.

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For a few seconds she held my belly, her warm breath in my ear. She cranked up the grin.

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Andrea led me back to her room, where she held up my blue and silky dream. Suddenly, she broke away. We just kind of started wandering the mall, talking about nothing in particular.

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Do you have anywhere you need to be? I noticed that she was wearing a baggy sweat suit.

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Hair, makeup, shoes, clothes, everything. I sat on a bench, waiting for my date.

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At the time, I was too excited and nervous to think about it. You would think that Prom Night was another one of those hideous attacks-on-promiscuous-women pictures.

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Instead, I just laughed. I would have been so happy.

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I picked up the phone and called Andrea. All too soon she took her hands off of me.

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On closer inspection it was just a cheap Halloween type thing, but the long brown strands covered up my own short hair. AVCO purchased the film at the Cannes film market in May Paramount, instead, released another independent slasher film, Friday the 13thwhich premiered two months before Prom Night.

Removing my jeans and shirt, I held the skirt up.

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The Rise and Fall of the Slasher FilmLynch stated he was having difficulty securing financing for the film until Jamie Lee Curtis signed onto the project. Anything I need to do? I had a thousand suggestions, a million ideas!


Just take your shirt off. Will you be Prom dating site date? Here, take your shirt off.