How to Install a Gas Pool Heater | How to Install a Gas Pool Heater |

Propane pool heater hook up, tips & warnings

Disconnect the gas plumbing from inside of the heater, with the use of two large channel locks or two pipe wrenches.

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Once you get used to that temperature of the water you will be able to swim, however it probably won't be the most comfortable experience. You can bury the tank in the ground if you like, build a removable fence around it, or embrace your tank and paint it in some whimsical way.

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Often pool owners can extend their pool season by 2 months with a pool heater. Heater Gas Line The next step is to install the gas line, which is understandably the part of your new pool heater install that requires the most care. Step 2 — Select a Location for the Heater When choosing an appropriate location, keep in mind the clearance distances you need above the unit and to its sides for safe operation.

In conclusion Heating your pool is not a monumental task but not simple either.

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How much will I use? The type of heater you install, the amount of energy it takes to run, and its location will all influence your total cost.

Let's get local cost data for you. Where are you located?

If you have any questions about propane pool heaters ; purchase or installation, give our pool tech support line a call. The heater will normally need to be located close to the propane tank.

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Connect with pre-certified propane dealers in your area with Compare Propane. If your heater has union connections, use large channel locks or strong hands to loosen the unions.

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The heaters are quite heavy and this is what will keep the heater in the right position. Step 1 — Purchase Your Gas Heater Gas pool heaters come in a variety of sizes that determine their cost. Above-ground or in-ground pool Pre-existing hookups Size of the heater you need After you purchase your unit, you need to decide whether you want to install it yourself or have it professionally installed.

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By the way, your local scrap metal yard will pay cash for your old copper heat exchanger tubes. A hacksaw should be used to cut through the pipe so that elbow joints can be fitted to direct the water towards the heater.

Cut and attach the PVC pipe there to this length. Of course, no smoking or any open flames near the heater at this point.

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A pressure relief valve is usually required by local codes, to bleed off any excess pressure — similar to a household hot water heater. While it might cost more upfront, you will be able to buy propane in a greater quantity so your price per gallon will be reduced.

Other factors include keeping the tank out of tree roots systems and making sure the tank is in a location that your propane company can reach it with their delivery hose.

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Expect these costs with the following heaters: We carry all the top brands, including Hayward, Lochinvar, Pentair Propane pool heater hook up Raypak pool heaters. For steel or copper heat sinks, remove the bolts on the header flanges, to disconnect the water plumbing from the heater.

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Many states require gas appliances to be installed by a licensed contractor; but buying it, placing it and plumbing it — you can do yourself. The wires from the remote controller should never be combined with the high voltage wire in the same conduit, and for this reason, pool heaters have two conduit installation holes knock-outs located next to each other on the side panel.

If you are working alone, you can remove the heat exchanger separately, which lightens the load considerably. If you are planning on heating your pool, please know ahead of time it will consume a decent of propane in a relatively short amount of time.