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If you message me on yahoo or skype or gmail I have written another Pezberry fic that I will upload in a couple of days but I wanted to get this one up and going before I start college. Blaine later interrupts Kurt decorating Pavarotti's casket to rehearse their duet. Rachel happens to quit the musical and rejoin the glee club right at the moment when Will kicks April out - in the middle of a performance, no less.

He eventually moves on to Yuzuki, and Nanami soon starts acting rather jealous However, in the second season, he's dating Tina, and his role is greatly expanded. During the performance, Blaine notices how awkward Kurt's sexy faces are and tells him he needs lessons on how to look sexy.

Then, in the show, but months after Finn diedEmma gave birth. Blaine attends Rachel's basement party with Kurt where Blaine gets really drunk and ends up making out with Rachel during a game of spin the bottle.

At the beginning of their seventh and final year, Lily realizes she has feelings for Jamesbut by then he has finally given up and moved on to Carlottawho seems perfect for him on paper.

She also had a short black skirt and was wearing black wedges with no knee socks in sight. Ushkowitz is committed to her philanthropic cause of choice: Though Tatiana still loves him, but she's married to someone else now, and he treats her better than Onegin ever did or will.

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He needed to find Mercedes and tell her about the text. What does Rachel say right after coming out of her drug-fueled dream? The Substitute Blaine and Kurt have become Rachel and santana dating fanfiction close friends as Kurt even breaks plans to hang out with his best friend, Mercedes.

Blaine then explains that Pavarotti is merely molting, and tells him that he has "got food, water, he seems to like his cage.

He knew she wasn't worth it but he wanted someone to blame.

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It was their senior year and Finn wanted to end it on top, being the captain and quarter back of the football team and having the hottest girl in the school and hot she was.

Santana was the first one to greet Rachel as she walked down the corridor with Finn to their lockers. After they both finish singing Baby, It's Cold OutsideBlaine asserts that his female partner will definitely not be as good as Kurt, leaving Kurt smiling.

Aradia informs him that actually, she was never in love with him, and what's actually happened is that he's now a complete dick. While waiting for his friend's dad to pick them up, he and his friend were jumped by three homophobic bullies and were beaten mercilessly.

The episode "Preggers" gives us the notorious "All the Single Ladies" football play. Getting drunk, kissing Puck….

Tropes Include:

I just figured I'd toss those up there on things I try to avoid! When Jeremiah comes out, he rebuffs Blaine's feelings and tells him that he was not only outed by the performance, but fired from his job as well.

He advises Burt to initiate the sex discussion because he fears that Kurt will be ill-informed due to him shying away from the subject.

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