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Radiometric dating flaws debunked photos, a close look at dr. hovind's list of young-earth arguments and other claims

Speaking of marsupials, Brown does not address the serious question of how to explain the survival and current distribution of various land animals if they all debarked from the same location on or near Mt.

Again, we have echoes of Slusher's article.

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Ironically, however, one of the most impressive intermediate fossils was an insect found in in Cretaceous amber in New Jersey Fig. Microscopic analysis shows significant traces of what could be paint pigment on image areas. It's not a state secret! But can you really imagine shroud proponents rejecting the carbon dating tests as inconclusive if they had returned a 1st century date?

Better statistics in more recent years have supported the existence of the Oort Cloud and put it at a distance of 50, AU 1.

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For example, differential escape abilities cannot begin to explain fossil succession for plants which of course cannot run for higher groundand many ancient marine animals had extensive and overlapping habitats many swimming or drifting widely throughout the oceanyet are not found together as fossils.

How would you respond to the fact that certain paintings from the 8th century exist that show the Shroud?

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However, in extending the calculation to extremes, from grams to grams, I came up with Could the Chambery fire have effected the dating? Is their faith reduced because the Vatican doesn't also posses his robe, his sandals or his underwear?


Ironically, Brown states that his book is in the "ideal format". Brown also attributes virtually every societal ill hedonism, murder, sexual immorality, etc.

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This is contradicted by other scientists who insist that all the forensic tests specific for blood, and only blood, have failed. He was well covered.

Same with the blood from the scalp wound, it should mat the hair, not run in rivulets.

Major Problems from the Start

The clear implication of all three synoptic gospels is that the material was bound tightly round the body, yet the Shroud of Turin shows an image made by simply lying a linen shroud on top of the front of the Radiometric dating flaws debunked photos, over the head and down the back.

The military has used sound based weapons for decades, and I am sure there are many that the general population does not know about.

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We have to weigh up the strength and evidence for each argument and determine whether the experts support or challenge each other.