It's your time you're wasting, not mine: How to teach a perfect sample lesson It's your time you're wasting, not mine: How to teach a perfect sample lesson

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One issue that can floor candidates - and it really shouldn't - is finding out that the group have already studied the topic, or even worse just taken part in another sample lesson on the same subject! A case study instead of a simple discussion.

As I have now been blogging for over four months, I have delusions of significance The lesson was in a classroom without computers.

If that sounds like way too much to cope with in the time you have, you are probably being much too ambitious in the material you hope to cover.

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Or the first 20 minutes you would routinely do with any new class. OK, you've never taught these kids in this room before, but you should look comfortable standing up and taking centre stage with a group of young people.

A matching exercise with challenging distractors instead of a simple fill-in-the-blanks. He wrote it on the board 'Does anyone know what beta testing is? I expect you to have good enough Internet skills to have tracked down the specification, past papers and so on.

Prepare a lesson which will serve either as a revision of a familiar topic or as an introduction for the first time.


Another applicant had an error in the maths on her handout which had to be pointed out to her by one of the students. But also we need to see one or two good student activities to prove there's more to you than just chalk and talk.

One applicant took up half her allotted time going through her 'classroom rules. As recruiting teachers, we sometimes feel a wave of whinging and wimpering coming off a candidate at the whole prospect of the lesson Me 'Can you talk me through this handout, because I don't see how it fits in with what you taught?

If you are a secondary trained teacher applying for an advanced level job, you are The process of radiocarbon dating a difficult position but it's not impossible to get it right. These sample lessons are a relatively recent phenomenom in teaching recruitment I went looking for my first job in the early 90's and was never once asked to do one.

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Don't treat it as such. I don't actually need twenty minutes to see this - it's almost immediately recognisable.

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Five worst sins I've seen in sample lessons: Broadly speaking, when I watch a sample lesson I am looking for the following things, in this order of priority: Don't throw away time on your classroom 'rules' or an ice-breaker.

True, I have seen some very good examples and am in fact working with brilliant colleagues who taught those very lessons. For goodness sakes go and talk to the students while they do the task you have set.

Want to know how to ace a sample lesson?

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This is a twenty minute, pull out all the stops, show-'em-what- you've-got opportunity. Make absolutely sure you have a good extension activity even if you are pretty sure you won't have time to use it. You have a short amount of time to showcase your skills and also to model your priorities.

Come on, most interview panels will let you pick a topic or subject from a wide range of choices; if they haven't told you up front what exam board they use, get on the phone and ask. And how many perfectly decent applicants have shipwrecked themselves in 20 short minutes by completely missing the mark in this brutal but necessary ordeal.

For goodness sake, don't do the first 20 minutes of a 2 hour lesson. You should be able to capture attention and keep it, and you should show warmth towards, and interest in the kids you're faced with. And we do notice if you are pitching the lesson at the wrong age group.