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Ramona then goes on to the balcony with Sonja Morgan to discuss Bethenny's absence.

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Dorinda tried to change Bethenny's mind by telling her, 'I know you're having an argument with her now, but it will pass. It's her 60th and she's going to remember forever. Bethenny was adamant about remaining absent from the event Bad blood: Dorinda was excited to pick Ramona up for her surprise bash, only to find out Ramona decided to take a cab 'I double booked': Frankel could not be convinced to attend the party, citing earlier drama with Ramona as another reason not to join in on the fun.

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She couldn't believe that the Chelsea Art Tower event was actually for her 'What if I didn't come to my own party? Luann de Lesseps wore a blue fur shawl and carried a gift for her friend Nerves: Ramona tried on this red dress during a shopping trip with Carole Peek-a-boo: This isn't a fight, it's a grudge.

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Diane Sawyer came to her schoolyard and actually approached her. Sonja could not see eye-to-eye with her friend about her ongoing fight with Frankel 'It's just amazing the way Ramona can spin something on me,' Sonja says in an interview.


Carole tried on a sheer top that required censoring on the show As the day of Ramona hook up dress phase eight surprise party drew closer, the secret was almost spoiled by Carole Radziwill during a shopping trip with Ramona.

In a teaser for next week's episode, the ladies are seen having a confrontation after Ramona tells LuAnn that people are 'taking bets' about if her wedding to Tom D'Agostino will actually happen.

Fear set in as Dorinda began to think that Ramona ditched the party completely 'If Ramona doesn't show up at this party, it's going to be a disaster,' Dorinda says, 'I literally have like waiting for her to come off the elevator.

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Sonja begins to try to explain that she feels it wasn't right to bring a five-year-old into a discussion about a naked video. Carole Radziwill attempted to join in on the convincing but was unsuccessful Ramona dragging her daughter into the discussion about her year-old film role did not sit with Frankel, who continued to remain upset about the comment.

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She opted to catch up with this busty friend instead of her suitor 'Just so you know, I did nothing wrong,' she asserts to Sonja. Bethenny and Ramona's latest fight stems from an exchange they had in a previous episode, where Ramona brought up Bethenny's pre-fame topless movie role.

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Once the day of Ramona's surprise party arrived, Dorinda was supposed to pick her up and walk her in to the party.

When Singer told Radziwill she was planning herself a birthday party, Carole replied, 'I'm so glad you brought it up because I was like, nervous, because I thought it was a surprise.

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Ramona seemed confused when Carole mentioned a surprise party, but went back to talking about a party she was planning for herself 'What? The year-old leaned against the elevator and laughed Once settled in, she invites her date George to meet her at the bash, but quickly loses interest in him once he shows up.

Carole's face fell upon realizing she may have spoiled the surprise party for Ramona What?:

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