Older Woman/Younger Man Relationships Older Woman/Younger Man Relationships

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This can create pain. Your experience is valuable, whether you're 35 or 45 or He won't be a naysayer; he'll admire your talent and determination.

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But we may be more likely to find an enthusiastic cheerleader and non-judgmental partner in a person who is on the younger side. His Attitude and Energy Are Happily Infectious Whenever I've dated younger -- anywhere from five to 10 years -- I found that an upbeat attitude and adventurous nature to encourage precisely the same in me.

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Such men are enticed by the seeming innocence and purity of the younger woman. You don't sweat the small stuff, because you've survived enough of life's tough times to know what truly matters.

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Such men at least the ones interested in older women are stable and mature. He Loves Your Experience Your experience is valuable -- whether you're 50 or Therefore, to make sure you continue to be satisfied with the relationship, your woman may offer to do you special favors inside the bedroom and out, frequently buy you gifts, and sing your praises to everyone he meets.

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Although differences in maturity may prove difficult for some couples, particularly those where the female is in her early 20s and lacks significant life experience, such relationships may be a good fit for others couples — a woman in her 30s with an established career and a man in his 50s, for example.

Isn't it really about maturity? Here are five fabulous reasons to date younger -- and love every minute of it! Most men suffer from a huge ego. Everything from the business world to the books you read, and the pleasures you care to indulge in during private moments.

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You know who you are, responsibility doesn't scare you, and self-assurance is sexy - don't forget it! Are you hoping for something long-term? For this reason, dating a younger woman can have numerous physical perks.

You might find you lose weight with the increase the activity your younger lady provides, you tone up, and your heart and body will generally be healthier.

Getting Over the "Shoulds"

If you know what you want, he's likely up to the task. You long for more intellectual stimulation. Belief systems and values have little to do with the year of your birth.