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Avoid dating burnout and make the most out of dating apps.

They can be a useful tool for finding a lasting relationship, but you must be prepared for the challenges they bring. Instead, learn to manage anxiety so you can slow down; one way to do so is to develop a meditation practice.

Instead of thinking long term, think about whether you want to date the person for the next month or two.

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We are all works in progress, and you are well on your way! People stop treating each other as feeling, worthy people, deserving of consideration and kindness.

Make friends with uncertainty. Try getting to know your discomfort. But, you continue going on dates because dating burnout is better than the pain you imagine if you stopped trying. Dating feels more like a chore than an exciting opportunity.

Dating apps can make it too easy to escape the discomfort of uncertainty, an inevitable component of dating.

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Ultimately, your attempts to control things will lead you to what you fear: Rather than jumping on the dating app boat, and being sailed away into mindless dating, practice these tips. Invite the uncomfortable sensations in, rather than trying to avoid them.

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Your instinct may be to see who else is out there. In that moment, it seems easier to set up new dates than to deal with all the unanswered questions you have.

Think short-term not long term. This slight shift in thought alleviates a lot of stress, so you can open yourself up to feeling connection and maybe even love. However, in order to allow your relationship to develop, you must sit with your uncertainty.

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Break the three-date rule. The thinking and worrying will only cause you stresswhich prevents you from experiencing positive emotions. It takes time to develop these skills, so be patient and gentle with yourself.

Swiping through thousands of photos can begin to dehumanize people over time. This pattern can quickly lead to dating burnout.

Otherwise, you may allow past experiences to influence your perception of a new date. Notice the way it feels in your body.

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Your self-worth is shaky, and you feel hopeless, sad, and helpless. The uncertainty of not knowing whether you want a long-term relationship with your date is uncomfortable. Doing so will help you build tolerance for uncertainty, allowing your potential new relationship time to progress naturally.

Over time, the pain of the disappointments and rejections can leave people feeling burned out.