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Serendipity dating site, ser·en·dip·i·ty

To many, the first woman would seem like the best match. Im not a big club person, but i dont mind going out on the odd occasion if i get dragged by my friends. I see it as life-altering good luck.

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I was looking for about a year, met seven intelligent, attractive men in person without establishing a significant bond with any of them, so I decided to take down my profile in one week. Can you guess our surprises? You HAVE to try this! We know each other too well.

Feeling the electricity crackling between us, neither of us could focus on the show, so we left after about an hour, heading to Greenwich Village to find something more intimate to do.

She had been in the UK exactly when I had. Had I listened to serendipity, I would have been broken by the fact that the first woman and I had not worked out. It was still pretty fun in the indoor arena even if I am not the most graceful skater. Nice, easy going guy, enjoy the good and finer things in life.

My husband and I met in an AOL chat room. I was Born and brought up in Africa, lived in Australia for most of my adult life, Serving the country at the moment in the Royal Australian Navy. Then I left him an extra note that says, PS.

Despite the late hour, we simply could not bear to part and decided to drive the 90 minutes to my house, even though my date had to be home early the next morning for a family function. It never hurts to leave a not so subtle hint!


We went to see a movie we had heard about: Once again back to the movie. We did things a little backward because I wanted to come home and have a special treat waiting. Other than that I have a keen interest in property development and I like gardening, I really do.

I have to weigh in on the serendipity thread. In the movie when they go to Serendipity cafe they have Frozen Hot Chocolate! We knew several people in common, including his former boss, who confirmed to me his employment and good character. I like to keep him guessing! It says, What is Wintry and White?

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What can I say I like to be festive, and my hubby thinks my feet are cute! I do consider myself a bit of a handyman, and enjoy fixing or building things, working with my hands. Both of our marriages had ended and eventually each of us decided to look for companionship online.

Our connections went back to the s when a member of his extended family knew my parents. You get to plan our date next time! You will find out tonight! Before meeting in person we had numerous phone conversations and suspected we might get married one day.

However, the second woman and I continued K-pop essays see each other. My husband joined the site two days after my decision.

Most of my weekends are quiet during winter, however during summer I make the most of the beach and the outdoors.

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Serendipity is a weird and fickle mistress. We married one year after our initial online encounter. When you get to the store I am suggesting Wal-Mart or Target play a little game where you have to each sneak a treat into the cart for each other without the other one seeing at least until you check out!

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Intend to travel a lot more eventually and learn new things. We lived in separate cities.