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The great wind of the countryside filled the countryside, it advanced before them. In the same story he decides to take all of Marduk's people and kill them. The Gnostics say the false god, the Demiurge, has the face of a lion.

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Also the female students tend to be potential prostitutes, especially those who come to Kyiv from elsewhere in Ukraine.

Each stratum has its own trades, customs, and rituals. I the Lord have spoken it.

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The survey also posed similar questions about three other religious or ethnic groups. Therefore the theory seems possible, even probable, that the seraphim have their counterpart in the flying serpents of Isaiah comp.

They are fundamental to understanding where we have come from and where we are now.


The Old Testament authors combined all the sayings and actions of various gods into one. Everything British had to go.

We wake up one day on this planet as helpless babies raised as children by our parents.

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Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? The result in India was a feudalistic institution known as the "caste" system.


If you take the direct interactions and all the things God commands in present tense, ie Exodus, Kings etc. In a rousing call to arms, they extol the heroic excitement of the campaign, the honor, prestige and gratification it brings.

The Jewish people took the idea of a montheistic god from the Egyptians and the words and actions of their god, Yahweh, were a composite of many gods before him, including the Sumerian Enlil, Enki and most notably the god of pestilence, Nergal. Some people say that the whole city of Kiev is a one huge red-light district as most girls are beautiful and easily approachable by wealthy foreign men.

This sentiment is shared by considerably fewer people in Catholic and religiously mixed countries in the region. We are their livestock.

Culture clash with West In part, the desire for a strong Russia may owe to a perceived values gap with the West.

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For example, people living in western Ukraine are more likely than those in the east to attend church on a weekly basis, to say religion is very important in their lives and to believe in God. For more on these countries, see the related sidebar.

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It does seem they worshipped El primarily but they had special connection with Nergal. The archangel Ariel Urielthe lion of god, is also likely related.

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In most countries, the vast majority of both groups say they would accept each other as citizens and as neighbors. At the same time, surveys indicate that the shares of adults engaging in religious practices have remained largely stable since the fall of the Soviet Union.

They then overthrew Sumer and the Gutians ruled. In "Nature International Journal of Earthly Science" in an article entitled "European languages linked to migration from the east" they found "DNA recovered from steppe herders that lived in western Russia around 5, years ago closely matched that of 4,year-old individuals from Germany, who were part of a group known as the Corded Ware culture.

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