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Sjin and minty dating, find the good stuff


When the four see me struggling, Duncan and Sjin laugh. This is Martyn's home.

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Minty uploaded all of the main channel 's videos. You both look a little bit too puny for the Nether. A blond girl who looks alot like Duncan is sitting by the fire, next to a dinosaur.

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A tear falls from her eye, and she steps back. Minty is from ChelmsfordEssex.

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Rythian can speak physically, but mentally, his brain says he can't. He checked each level before flying outside. Zoey lets go of me and Lewis takes her place, and he and Martyn lead me out of the forest. He hovered out by the giant egg and let his eyes scan the compound.

Your review has been posted. But I realize that in this situation, I am the loser.

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Do I know her? Lewis and Martyn have let go of me at this point, Martyn hugging a pink-haired girl who just walked in. I search my memory, then I realize I only remember Duncan, Sjin, fear.

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Shame it took him his own death. Honeydew raised his eyebrows. Lalna looked up from the chest. Minty has 2 younger sisters.

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Minty used to be Sjin's girlfriend, Sips used to be his best friend, and Kim used to work with him. Weak, scared, broken, weaponless. One stands and hugs Lewis, then frowns when she sees that he is restraining me.

The dinosaur looks sad, as sad as a dino could, I guess. Sjin must sense my new fear of him, because he sneers at me.

Chapter 31

There's a limit of 15, with 12 more spaces left. When Minty lived with her parents, she had hamsters, rabbits, fish, dogs, and a snake. But Martyn and Lewis are strong, so I end up inside a tall building next to Sipsco. He flew over and landed beside his pink face friend. Russica Everyone thinks Sips and Sjin are dating.