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They welcomed daughter Meilani in July So everyone was in such total shock! Snooki finally confirmed she was expecting her first child with boyfriend Jionni LaValle in this week's issue of Us Weekly She tells the magazine: For example, the diner the clones frequent is called The Grassy Knoll, a reference to the JFK assassination conspiracy theory about a second shooter, dubbed " The Man on the Grassy Knoll ".

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This could be tricky!: In typical JWoww Jersey-style they are clad in velour tracksuits, in the grand surroundings, and look to have had their hair and make-up done to perfection for the nuptials - ahead of changing into their ceremonial attire.

Abe doesn't notice that Joan has feelings for him and unintentionally mistreats her by reinterpreting it as a sign of friendship. JWoww's wedding photos appear in the new issue of In Touch JWoww also sported a veil for the ceremony and tied her hair into a Snooki hook up board updo.

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The pair have been seen moving things in to their Jersey City apartment over the past few weeks. A peek inside the family album: Much of the plot of the show revolves around the attempts of Abe to woo the Gay dating site for mumbai and promiscuous clone of Cleopatrawhile being oblivious to the fact that his friend Joan of Arc is attracted to him.

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He refers to everyone as "Wesley". She is an intelligent, cynical and angsty goth. During the reception on Sunday, the year-old announced she is expecting her second child, a younger sibling for month-old Meilani Happy couple: Thank you for making me a better man every day.

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He said, "You have your whole life ahead of you. Also on a few occasions, the characters that we see learn most of "Life's Lessons" the hard way. Other historical figure-based humor includes offhand coincidental remarks to other students, such as Abe mentioning that the clone of Napoleon is so annoying because of " some kind of complex ", or Gandhi telling Catherine the Great to " get off her high horse ".

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Belvedere -esque sane robotic butler and reluctant sidekick in his stupid schemes. Despite being engaged, Snooki said she and Jionni will wait at least a year to wed so she has time to lose her baby weight However, the pint-sized star says that their wedding won't be for at least a year, as she wants to have time to lose her baby weight before walking down the aisle.

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For instance, Gandhi is portrayed as a hyperactive jerk-with-a-heart-of-gold whose biggest dream is to be accepted by those around him, in contrast to his historical legacy of calm nonviolence.

Other episodes tackle drugs smoking raisinsthe environment, and underage drinking in a similarly ridiculous fashion. It was amazing,' she added. At the end of the episode, he and Joan begin a relationship.