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My mother-in-law did not want to be referred to as "Grandma", she insisted on being called "Chic".

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I called my great grandma "Funny Face" because that is what she called herself. She added the G for grandmother. Chicken Nana- My kids called both their grandparents nana and papa.

When my new grandchild says "Gimmie" I am going to say OK!


My brother, when he was just learning to talk, called our other great grandparents Big Grandma and Australian soldiers dating site Grandpa.

We all loved it and knew that my father would've loved being Poppies!

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We always knew he was special - and the great-grandchildren's name for him proves it! My grandson calls my wife "Essie. When our granddaughter, Isabelle was very young, I would show her the Cuckoo clock and make it sound over and over again.

My mother decided that Damma was unique, and she was keeping the name. My son calls my grandfather, his great-grandfather, "Grande" because he's such a big man.

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We called this grandmother Mama not the sound of "o" in mom but the sound of "a" in ant. Papa sounds like "pop-puh" is a little more common, but "Gamma" sounds like the Greek letter started when my son tried to say "Grandma" at 17 or 18 months, and his pronunciation stuck.

I know a boy where I work We are all pleased with this My Father Pops always called my grandparents the Barkers because they acted like dogs, always barking at each other.

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Martin's obsession with the main characters not wearing helmets in the "Blackwater" commentary. Trying to get my nephew to say granny, all that came out each time was "Ginky".

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Someone once suggested that it sounded somewhat like the Spanish Abuela, but there really seems to be no reason for it. On the other hand, Zen'O's retainer, the Grand Priest finds this all very amusing and is frequently seen trying to suppress a chuckle at Goku's antics.

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We did not speak the Gaelic. She refers to herself as Grandmary.

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Just look at the eggs. He was calling his Grandmother, Nana!

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Now I'm 22, and all 5 of us grandchildren call her Gigi Izana concedes that it was clever, and technically his own fault for not taking Kiki's name off of the list.

One of my daughters calls my mother "Cracker" -- why? They love their "new" names, and we think the names will stick, since he is the first grandchild!

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The grandbabies call him Boppa. I'll give you this She invented Snow day meme funny dating pronounced Grandee.

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Gran was a very domineering woman and she picked the name for the other grandmother. My grandmother was Nana. The most common names for grandparents at least in the USA: In Girls und PanzerYukari is caught infiltrating a rival school to spy on them right before their match.

Two very goofy people who hold nothing about the show sacred, feeling free to let loose.

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They call my mother butter-butt because while they were camping, she backed into a trash basket and got a butter wrapper stuck on her butt. She was happy with that. My Grandpa, was just Grandpa.