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A subsidiary of the New Haven system, this interurban was created by the railroad through smaller lines, notably the Hoosick Falls Railroad. While more efficient and powerful AC system are also much more expensive. The Rock Island Southern Railway was an impressive interurban operating more as a main line freight system than a streetcar line.

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Howard Wilson and it was acquired by the National City Lines, which converted all operations to bus-only operations. The system was abandoned in favor of buses in the spring of East Bay Transit, began serving Oakland in and is still operating today.

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Industrial Tank Insulation Systems Industrial tank insulation systems require a covering of insulation and jacketing to reduce heat loss or gain for large, flat-bottomed tanks that store materials that are sensitive to temperature fluctuations.

Again, never profitable it too was bankrupt by and eventually abandoned.

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Futhermore it used AC electrification, far more powerful and efficient than DC systems. Today, most of the railroad remains in service under Union Pacific, one of the few interurbans to still see most of its original property in service.


It was abandoned in favor of buses in the summer of However, freight service soldiered on for another seven years before it too was discontinued in It began operations in and after just six years of operation was purchased by the St. It operated until at which point it had grown to a nearly 50 mile system.

Hawaii Honolulu Rapid Transit: By this time part of the route also operated buses but rail service was still being provided as well. San Francisco, Napa and Calistoga Railway: The railroad never did operate electric streetcars although this was originally planned but gasoline-powered equipment built by Fairbanks-Morse.

Its history Speed dating baytown as far back as and it was not electrified until While the railroad was mostly an interurban operation it also had some freight service.


Along with passenger services the railroad also served a coal mines in the area. It remained in operation until when the system was replaced by buses.

It began electric operation in employing 11,volt AC system for power. The line was taken over by the Northwestern Pacific Railroad in and rail service ended in