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Limited to copies [Label: If all the Shinjuku Thief albums which preceded it suggest the ghostly existence of a dark world, "black ice" delivers the map, the accelerator and the searing pain upon arrival.

Black triumvirate which bring Black Death to mankind! Distant, floating soundcollages weave in and out over a subharmonic, pulsating bassdrum as your vibrating woofer reminds you of LUSTMORDs deepest releases. Besides the covers of the Der Bluharsch tracks both bands did, you will also find the original tracks by Der Blutharsch on this one, making it a very lengthy CD.

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On many of these tracks, it appears that they didn't even use drums, but on others like "Nine Virgions Of Badb", pounding blastbeats hammer away in the background, almost totally obscured by the white noise and deformed howl of the massively blown-out guitar.

This is some fucking Black n'Roll, full of blasphemies, sex and bad taste!!!! The sounds thus generated are put through various effect-pedals giving him that trademark sound. The full-length album of this British gang delivers eight songs of punishing sick Doom that consist in ultra heavy downtuned guitars, slow pounding drums, guttural vocals from deep grunts, to fucked up screams and an excellent dirty, yet crushing production!

Whole ensemble is based on WWI and all that's create. The nine tracks featured here revolve around the mythology of the war goddess, the spectre of doom that lurks at the edge of the battlefield, and begins at the heart of a roiling black blizzard and proceeds through a charred nightmare soundscape of icy corroded black metal riffs, fractured blasting, melancholic melodies blurred and smeared into malevolent new shapes, and scathing distorted witch-screams ripping through the blackness, all doused and drowned in Merzbowian levels of feedback and distortion abuse.

First project of the singer of Saison de Rouille [Label: Under the banner of war, hate and blasphemy a landscape of blood freezing nihilism was created here.

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People from those poor villages never forgot and forgiven. A boom for Brazilian urban art?

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The 73 minute audio CD comes factory sealed and includes a 12 page booklet of sigil artwork printed in metallic silver ink on Midnight Black paper with a unique, semi-translucent outer vellum cover. It dissects the major market trends analysed throughout the year by Artprice's ArtMarketInsight news agency and our econometrics department.

All tracks are exclusive or rare recrodings. Limited to handnumbered copies.

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Download it now on Artprice for free: Compilation" CD-R - With: Fast Black Metal [Label: