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The blade is beautiful, a straight unfullered blade with a pipe back, this was a short-lived design on cavalry blades. Saxony police spokesman Tom Bernhardt told reporters the hundreds of grammes of explosives were found by investigators who combed carefully through the apartment, which was raided at around 1pm.

Above the scene is a cobalt blue band which is carried on at the top of the handle.

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In Belluzzo acted as consultant for a turbine locomotive built by the Ernesto Breda company. Although the work is un-signed, as far as I can find, it is a nice quality piece in very good condition, measuring 32 x Gay speed dating wellington inc 19th Century Ornate Kris Dagger Grip.

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Officer Serving Brother Brest Badge. It is made of good lead crystal, so it is quite a heavy beast, it measures It is all here apart from one small screw. A good scarce sword in very collectable order. On the 6th July a major trench raid was planned and was carried out to some degree of success; the 1st battalion Rifle Brigade along with the 1st SLI and assisted by a battery of artillery raided the German trenches near the village of Pilkem.

The State Museum of Prehistory houses the Nebra sky diska significant though unproven Bronze-Age find with astrological significance. Applied 4 September in Italy 28 February ? Published 9 April It was used up to aroundwhen the queens crown was issued, but this badge was all white metal.


The inside still has the fabric compartments for the shells, there is wear here, some of the fabric has worn through, due to use. The condition is very good and it has a good even tone with very slight wear to the high points. This medal is in very good original, untouched condition, it shows some wear to the high points and there is a little loss to the black paint on the iron core.

The centrepiece of Halle's urban public transport system is the Halle Saale tramway network. This one has had the swastika and the bottom part of the wreath, but still an interesting piece of original cloth insignia.

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It comes in a little handmade soft leather sheath with belt loop. There is one small area of white on the rim, which escaped the cobalt blue and one very tiny chip to the underside of the spout.

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The basketball team of the club - these days known as Lions and focusing on the woman's team which plays in the national first division - won five men's and 10 women's championships of the German Democratic Republic.

An interesting display item, or a practical tin waiting to be used once again. A small sized paper with four sheets, on the back page someone has highlighted a story about the cadet corps.


After recovery, he was appointed chief mechanical engineer that is, Director of Rolling Stock. Y26 1 October Medal, Given to Speed dating chemnitz who took part in the occupation of the Sudetenland, or bohemia and Moravia.

The simplicity of the staying cheapened boiler maintenance costs, and the shape ensured a greater steam and waterspace In the firebox area. This was awarded for bravery in battle as well as other military contributions in a battlefield environment.

Published 29 April The whole piece is in excellent condition, it has the odd pin head size ding here and there, but on the whole a great vintage piece. In September a reconnaissance force southwest of Nahakki was ambushed, with 35 deaths of British and Indian officers and men.

Every one of the printed designs had a name, and with a little research, the official name of this print could be found.

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Both badges are in very good original condition.