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Unfortunately, some troubling potential conflicts of interest arise here.

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For more on the pros and cons of independent editing, see the Editors page. Then talk about what stopped them. Now, by those figures alone, you can see it takes a substantial amount of reading time on my part just to find a single author to add to my roster.

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Click here to order now! How best to overcome this? She may be trying to hide the fact that the agency has a poor success rate, or deals with disreputable publishers.

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Referrals to an editing service owned by the agency, without disclosing the connection. Interestingly I have never had a client ask that question.

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Alternatively, the agent or agency may own the editing service or publisher, running it under another name or at another address in order to conceal the connection. But in the end, if you do not feel an agent is necessary for your desired career path, that gets to be OK, too!

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Go to a bookstore yes, I know, very old schooland spend some time in the section where books on writing are shelved. Janet Laurence is best known for her Darina Lisle culinary mysteries and trio of Canaletto crime novels. Today, however, with the popularity of ebooks soaring and digital publishing easier and cheaper than ever, these formerly clear-cut lines have blurred.


Forensics experts will also be on hand to guide you through and answer specific questions, focusing on modern day procedures in a historic setting.

Some agencies are no more than fronts for editing or fee-based publishing businesses.

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Non-membership is by no means an indication that an agent is questionable. I read them all.

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The theory is that editors, literary agents, and producers will be eager to visit a website where pre-screened, searchable work is available for their perusal, thus enabling them to reduce the number of inappropriate queries and their vast volumes of email. OK, wait, is this question for real?

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