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CC "Motor number" means the manufacturer's original number that is affixed to or imprinted upon the engine or motor of the vehicle.

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An advanced player can control the amount of backspin deemed necessary by moving the shooter up higher on their thumb knuckle. LL "Chauffeured limousine" means a motor vehicle that is designed to carry nine or fewer passengers and is operated for hire pursuant to a prearranged contract for the transportation of passengers on public roads and highways along a route under the control of the person hiring the vehicle and not over a defined and regular route.

BB "Manufacturer's number" means the manufacturer's original serial number that is affixed to or imprinted upon the chassis or other part of the motor vehicle.

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Of course, I won't deny that many men fall into the same category. The oil well never realized enormous profits, but it triggered Lima's oil industry, bringing John D. DD "Distributor" means any person who is authorized by a motor vehicle manufacturer to distribute new motor vehicles to licensed motor vehicle dealers at an established place of business that is used Uniform dating logo for the purpose of distributing new motor vehicles to licensed motor vehicle dealers, except when the distributor also is a new motor vehicle dealer, in which case the distributor may distribute at the location of the distributor's licensed dealership.

Economically, the s were a time of industrial expansion in Lima. Electric interurban service ceased in But don't tell me about all the other pigs in the world.

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The aerospace and defense industry employs 16, Ohioans. Any operator of a motor vehicle who is voluntarily involved in a ridesharing arrangement is not considered an employee for hire or operating such vehicle for gain, compensation, or profit.

InWestinghouse located a Small Motor Division in Lima to build fractional horsepower electric motors. However, in it endorsed a local Democratic candidate for Congress who won earning the paper the title of a Mugwamp Press.

Collectors call this marble a brick, because it has the color of a paving brick. NN "Acquired situs," with respect to a manufactured home or a mobile home, means to become located in this state by the placement of the home Speed dating oldham real property, but does not include the placement of a manufactured home or a mobile home in the inventory of a new motor vehicle dealer or the inventory of a manufacturer, remanufacturer, or distributor of manufactured or mobile homes.

B The registrar shall provide, in cooperation with the secretary of state, a training program and materials for initial training in voter registration and for ongoing training for all deputy registrars and their employees.

For example, Ohio being the 3rd largest producer of tomatoes in the United States in turn has the world's largest ketchup processing plant in Fremont. Lima proved itself to be very much in the Progressive tradition with these changes, after flirting with radicalism in when the voters elected a Socialist mayor.

Water for his operation was also a problem.

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Amended by nd General Assembly File No. All presentations begin promptly at 6 o'clock p. In NovemberUnited Motors Services took over operation of the plant to process vehicles under government contract.

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The shop designed its first narrow-gauge steam locomotive in InBenjamin C. Also called an immie or imitation agate in the historic record; cornelian is an antiquated spelling of the more modern usage carnelian. XX "Under-speed vehicle" means a three- or four-wheeled vehicle, including a vehicle commonly known as a golf cart, with an attainable speed on a paved level surface of not more than twenty miles per hour and with a gross vehicle weight rating less than three thousand pounds.

The Shay locomotive was built for steep grades, heavy loads and tight turns. II "Restricted plate" means a license plate that has a restriction of time, geographic area, mileage, or commodity, and includes license plates issued to farm trucks under division J of section The object was to shoot marbles at a colorful cardboard prop featuring a character with a great big smile, mugging as if challenging the player.

The last steam locomotive built at the plant, Nickel Plate No. These marbles appear similar in appearance to limestone marbles from Germany also see, but these marbles were manufactured from a blue-gray shale found in throughout the Cuyahoga River Valley and are therefore easy to identify.

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Great Depression[ edit ] Allen County's population grew significantly faster than the state during the Great Depression. KK "Combined gross vehicle weight" with regard to any combination of a commercial car, trailer, and semitrailer, that is taxed at the rates established under section June Learn how and when to remove this template message Ohio historical marker outlining Lima's oil history with Faurot With the discovery of oil in Lima inOhio began what came to be called the "Oil Boom of Northwest Ohio.

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Married, gay or dead, or they're out having drinks with women who are Hill was later arrested, tried, convicted and sentenced to prison for the theft.

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B The registrar of motor vehicles may dispose of all records of the bureau of motor vehicles pursuant to section K "Bicycle" means every device, other than a device that is designed solely for use as a play vehicle by a child, that is propelled solely by human power upon which a person may ride, and that has two or more wheels, any of which is more than fourteen inches in diameter.