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Badge The shield retains the pattern of the Burnley CBC arms of an engrailed red chevron on gold and a black wavy chief, for the River Brun. These devices were displayed on the arms of the County Borough of St.

The gearbox was a four speed synchromesh, which compared favourably with the crash box of the Bedford OB, but, unlike the Austin, the Bedford had servo assisted brakes and remained the more popular type by far.

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The main warehouse was described as the largest building under a single roof in Europe. Some of the World War II aircraft hardstands, part of the old airfield perimeter track, and the northwest end of a secondary runway exist.

Each lion rests a foot on a golden wheatsheaf like that in the former crest of the Lancaster RDC, and refer to the two rural districts of Lancaster and Lunesdale now combined in the new area.

The owls suggest that the family, like the Town, called its "Owdham" as it is pronounced locally. Burtonwood played an important part in the airlift and the base was handed back to the Americans in September The red cross on the golden field probably originated from the arms of Sir William de Carlyell, of Cumberland, in the reign of Edward II.

The arm and stars are here combined, and the gauntleted hand grasps a sprig of three red roses on one stalk with three leaves to suggest the union of the three former Lancastrian authorities. On the dexter side a Lion crowned with an Ancient Crown Or and on the sinister side a Sparrowhawk close Aero dating belled Or the whole upon a Compartment representing a Grassy Mount proper.

The borders around the Manchester area were particularly complicated, with narrow protrusions of the administrative county between the county boroughs — Lees urban district formed a detached part of the administrative county, between Oldham county borough and the West Riding of Yorkshire.

Granted 12th May Parts of the parish were almost completely surrounded by water until when Thomas Fleetwood of Bank Hall cut a channel to drain Martin Mere to the sea. The golden alembic, from the crest of the Borough of Widnesrefers to the chemical industry.

Over the centuries Carlisle has had four different arms, all used officially. Further north is Morecambe Bay. The Greek Tau cross, representing the letter T for the initial of the name is green and black, denoting that Trafford is both rural and industrial in character.

The gold cross is the insignia of the Molyneux family of Sefton and the two bees on either side of the cross are taken from the arms of the Kirkby UDC.

On the dexter side a Heraldic Antelope Argent attired collared and chain reflexed over the back Or and on the sinister side a Lion guardant Or murally crowned Gules each charged on the shoulder with Speed dating preston lancs Rose of the last.

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The golden eagle of Rome, commemorates the association of Littleborough with one of the famous relics of the Roman occupation of this region - the road over Blackstone Edge. Make a good subject for Channel 4's Time Team, wouldn't it?

Burtonwood airfield was opened on 1 April as a servicing and storage centre for the modification of British aircraft.

Badge The waves and hind suggest the name Hyndburn, the river from which the Borough is named. New arms were therefore drawn up, these are the present arms which incorporate the original shield with the red cross on the golden field. Governance[ edit ] Politically, the constituency of Southport has historically been a key battleground between the Conservatives and Liberal Democratsbut Labour has emerged as a serious contender in recent years.

One lasting legacy of the Airlift are the three airports in the former western zones of the city, which served as the primary gateways to Berlin for another fifty years. Badge The golden bendlets on red are derived from the arms of the family of Grelley, feudal lords of Manchester, who ruled the city prior to