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And on that day we shall let some of them [Gog and Magog] surge against others, and the Trumpet will be blown.


The horns of Ammon may have also represented the East and West of the Earth, and one of the titles of Ammon was "the two-horned. Josephus [37— AD], in his Antiquities of the Jews xi, 8, 5 tells of a visit that Alexander is purported to have made to Jerusalemwhere he met the high priest Jaddua and the assembled Jews, and was shown the book of Daniel in which it was prophesied that some one of the Greeks would overthrow the empire of Persia.

A king of Persia is referred to as a Ram with two horns in the Book of Daniel viii. Then [when mankind is resurrected from their graves], you shall see the eyes of the disbelievers fixedly stare in horror.

Identity Fluidity of identity was a huge theme in In Islamic eschatologybefore the Day of Judgement Gog and Magog will destroy this gate, allowing them to ravage the Earth, as it is described in the Quran: This mistaken view has been promulgated by Ibn Seena [Avicenna] and some others with him.

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Our choice for Word of the Year is as much Speed dating stuttgart mash what is visible as it is about what is not. Fear of the "other" was a huge theme infrom Brexit to President Donald Trump's campaign rhetoric. Finally, the surah also mentions "a man who travelled a great deal and reached the east and the west of the earth"—namely, Dhul-Qarnayn.

Rams were considered a symbol of virility due to their rutting behavior.

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Dhu al-Qarnain is Alexander the Greek, the king of Persia and Greece, or the king of the east and the west, for because of this he was called Dhul-Qarnayn [meaning, 'the two-horned one'] I petitioned the exalted Deity, and he heard my prayer.

A man who used to purvey stories of the foreigners, which were handed down among them, told me that Dhul-Qarnayn was an Egyptian whose name was Marzuban bin Mardhaba, the Greek.

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Doubt in Muhammad began to grow amongst the people of Mecca. I will erect a strong barrier [wall] between you and them: And Gog and Magog were not able to surmount, nor could they pierce it. Bluster In a year known for the Occupy movement and what became known as the Arab Spring, our lexicographers chose bluster as their Word of the Year for And so, we named tergiversate the Word of the Year.