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Stapedectomy prosthesis, function of the normal ear

The view of the incus and stapes bone after removing some bone of the ear canal.

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Conductive hearing loss — A type of medically treatable hearing loss in which the inner ear is usually normal, but there are specific problems in the middle or outer ears that prevent sound from getting to the inner ear in a normal way. A person with conductive hearing loss on one side will hear the sound louder in the affected ear.

Mixed impairments are common in otosclerosis. The stapedotomy method is not applicable in those relatively rare cases that involve scleroris of the entire ossicular chain.

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It is most frequently placed on the footplate or on the round window. If done too loosely, the prosthesis may shift and lead to a deterioration in hearing. This loop is secured to the incus by using a forceps to crimp the wire down around the incus.

The view of the middle ear after lifting up the drum. When there is difficulty in both the middle and the inner ear a mixed or combined impairment exists. A stainless steel, titanium, or platinum piston prosthesis or implant is then placed into this opening and connected to the second hearing bone, or the incus.

Tricia Corbin Oct 25, 5: Because the stapes is one of the smallest bones in the body, this procedure is delicate and must be performed under an operating microscope. Otosclerosis is a disease of the middle ear bones and sometimes the inner ear.

With the use of general anesthesia, the patient is unaware of any discomfort, the surgeon is not pressured from a time perspective, and the middle ear gas issue is largely circumvented Stapedectomy prosthesis not using nitrous oxide.

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What are the chances of my hearing getting worse if I postpone surgery? Patients who lacked complete preoperative and postoperative audiometric data were excluded from the analysis.

Electrical impulses are transmitted on the nerve to the brain where they are interpreted as understandable sound.

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Aftercare The patient is usually discharged the morning after surgery. Although there is no drug that can cure otosclerosis, some compounds containing fluoride or calcium are reported to be effective in preventing further hearing loss by slowing down abnormal bone Free online hook up nz. Description With the patient under local or general anesthesia, the surgeon opens the ear canal and folds the eardrum forward.

Usually, the patient may return to work and normal activities about a week after leaving the hospital, although if the Stapedectomy prosthesis job involves heavy lifting, three weeks of home rest is recommend. Replacement of the fixed stapes with a device capable of vibrating permits transmission of sound waves from the outer ear to the inner ear so that hearing is restored.

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If the canal is quite narrow, an endaural or postauricular approach can be employed. Several studies in the literature have evaluated the effect of stapedectomy versus stapedotomy as well as prosthesis diameter in hearing outcomes following successful otosclerosis surgery.

Blowing one's nose, lifting heavy objects, swimming underwater, descending rapidly in high-rise elevators, or taking an airplane flight should be avoided.

A laser or other tiny instrument vaporizes the tendon and arch of the stapes bone, which is then removed from the middle ear.

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A sedative injection is given to the patient before surgery. When placed in the round window niche, the transducer should be reinforced with a piece of cartilage to prevent displacement of the transducer away from the round window during activation see Fig.

The horizontal incision begins anteriorly and extends toward the mastoid cavity. The most common indications for revision stapes surgery, as identified in the current literature, include prosthesis malfunction, dislocation or displacement, inaccurate prosthesis length either too long or shorteroded incus, Stapedectomy prosthesis adhesions, or refixation of the footplate.

Although adequate surgical exposure is important, less exposure may facilitate obtaining the proper tension on the prosthesis because the tympanic membrane is stabilized at the bony annulus. Many medications are given to prevent these and only a few patients feel dizzy beyond the day of surgery.

When using the cement, it is important that packing is placed over the footplate, to protect it from the cement. A person with normal hearing will hear the sound as louder when it is held near the outer ear; a person with conductive hearing loss will hear the tone as louder when the fork is touching the bone.

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If the prosthesis is slightly short, the length may be corrected later by adding an additional piece of cartilage. If a postauricular incision is used, the cartilage is readily accessible without the need for an additional incision.


Intra-operative prosthesis measurements The accurate prosthesis measurement that we performed is defined as the measurement between the lateral part of the long process of the incus and the footplate, or the measurement between the middle thickness of the long process of the incus and the medial thickness of the footplate.

Only micro-pieces of Gelfoam were positioned around the prosthesis to prevent perilymphatic fistula. The procedure has progressed from total removal of the stapes footplate, to partial stapedectomy, and now to small fenestra stapedotomy using a microdrill or laser.