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I'll turn that little psycho into a coolant barrel Suburgatory tessa and ryan start dating put his brain in a Gonk if he so much as blows up a single X-Wing.

I swear some day I'll cut you into pieces and feed those little, bloody pieces to the twins piece by piece! An angry Norlock at one point threatens to make Skoodge eat his own face. I absolutely would and I would enjoy every single second of it, you delightfully flammable idiot.

Could you please move to the right and stand up straight? And the scariest part about this is? He screamed and shouted at Faith for her part in its removal until Faith grabbed him by his throat, slammed him against the wall and held her knife within a hair's breadth of his face, saying that she'd skin him slowly and painfully he if he ever came near her or Harry again.

In RatatouilleSkinner catches Linguini messing with the Dating a southern girl, and threatens to have him drawn and quartered, "after you take him to the duck press to squeeze the fat from his head!

I will declare you unfit for duty, make you eat hospital food until Naruto-kun comes back, make you attend therapy where you will have to keep daily diary of your innermost feelings and play with a pink, squishy ball and wear green paper gown the whole time, carry out painful rectal examinations on you, let my interns use you as a practice dummy when they first learn acupuncture, confiscate all contraband literature and the new, experimental medication just might have the unfortunate side effect of erectile dysfunction.

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It's said later that she is actually capable of doing this as she pleases. Celandine Parkinson, for that I am going to stew you for dinner and keep your bones in a corner for your sister to look at when she grows up, so she knows not to be a naughty girl.

The Sheriff's Dragon lampshades. So, the next time you shit, you'll shit all over your balls! Then I'll pour the water out of the sharks' aquarium and let them die just like that! Don't tell him anything, sir. He was furious when he learned that the painting of Lady Black was removed from the main hall.

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Then, I'll put that flea in a box, and then I'll put that box inside another box, and then I'll mail that box to myself. In this Super Smash Bros.

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And those ashes will be thrown to a bottomless pit! During a rant, Gaz says she's going to pound Viera's head in so hard it'll come out of her ass.

Then I'll burn them! You make my life hell!

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Please don't kill me. One at a time!

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In chapter 13, after Naruto nearly kills himself while using a dozen exploding clones to utterly disintegrate the revived first and second Hokages: And, of course, Skinner's just going apoplectic at Linguini 'rising above his station' by fixing the soup possibly a kick the dog moment to reinforce the fact that Skinner's an evil little man, bent only on dominating the frozen food market by sullying Gusteau's good name?

Let's see if you're smirking then! Talk to me about symmetry one more time and I'll chop off your dick and sew it onto your arm and ruin your symmetry forever!

And if she caught him going behind and taking the things they were throwing out, she'd cut his fingers, ears, and nose off, grind it into sandwich spread and make him eat it. Made on behalf of Eleya: Harry Potter, Unexpected Animagus has a rather peculiar warning on a certain passage in Gringotts.

If you betray us, I'll rip your fuckin' balls off and stuff them up your ass. Film — Animated Chris in Team America: It should also be noted that one of the chefs can apparently kill a man with his thumb. Eventually he decides to downgrade it to simply shredding the man's clothes and dignity into inch-long strips because he believes that Lina lost her virginity consensually.

All others shall be disemboweled with a blunt spoon while being forced to listen to Yoko Ono songs. Talk, or I'll kill [Senior Chief Athezra]. The attempt fails but leaves Light with a nasty scar and Light feels he's been forever marked by him.