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He remains Russia's best-known composer outside Russia. Like the acts so selected by the regular judges, the Golden Buzzer acts chosen by the guest judges also went straight to the live rounds. The early s were the era of avant-garde experiments, inspired by the "revolutionary spirit" of the era.

A special "extreme" audition session was held outside at the Fairplex in Pomona, California.

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Russian folk music became the primary source for the younger generation composers. The s and s saw the beginning of modern Russian pop and rock music.

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Rock music came to the Soviet Union in the late s with Beatlemaniaand many rock bands arose during the late s, such as Mashina VremeniAquariumand Autograph. Singer Leonid Uteosov and film score composer Isaak Dunayevsky helped its popularity, especially with the popular comedy movie Jolly Fellowswhich featured a jazz soundtrack.

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Some composers were able to travel abroad for training, usually to Italy, and learned to compose vocal and instrumental works in the Italian Classical tradition popular in the day.

The bootcamp round also lasted several weeks compared with just one week in previous seasons.

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Unlike the VIAs, these bands were not allowed to publish their music, and remained underground. They were the mainstream of Soviet music media, headliners of festivals such as Song of the YearSopotand Golden Orpheus. Many of them remain popular to this day. Among the notable people of Soviet electronic music were Vyacheslav Mescherincreator of Electronic Instruments Orchestra, and ambient composer Eduard Artemievbest known for his scores for Tarkovsky 's science fiction films.

Each guest judge was given one golden buzzer opportunity to send an act straight to the live shows.

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The s saw Prokofiev's scores for Sergei Eisenstein 's epic movies, and also soundtracks by Isaak Dunayevsky that ranged from classical pieces to popular jazz. Like the previous season, the Golden Buzzer could only be used once by each judge and by each guest judge.

The largest festival of bard music is Grushinsky festivalheld annually since Stravinsky was particularly influential on his contemporaries and subsequent generations of composers, both in Russia and across Europe and the United States.

Guest judges were not given a red buzzer to use.