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Apparently, once Taylor set her sights on Booth, she became embarrassingly relentless in pursuing the actor even though he showed zero interest in becoming another hapless subject of her next hit single.

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The year-old allegedly went on a date with Romeo And Juliet star Douglas Booth, 21, in London, together polishing off eight bottles of beer over a five-hour period, reports Us Weekly.

I find it hard to believe that such a talented and accomplished woman would be so desperate, and also that Douglas Booth would be so dismissive yet turn around and go out on a date with her.

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Celebrity CoupleTaylor Swift Poor Taylor Swift who has the reputation for being a relationship addict is yet again embroiled in man drama.

She is known for chronicling her failed romances in her songs.

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It seemed he was referring to the actress when he mentioned his 'long-term' girlfriend during an interview with The Standard in September. Taylor - who was in town looking for an apartment - spoke about her friends and career while Douglas 'talked about theater', a source close to Taylor told the magazine.

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Taylor and Douglas allegedly polished off eight bottles of beer over a five-hour period, Taylor pictured in LA on Sunday The pair - who met through Taylor's close friend and Douglas' Romeo And Juliet co-star Hailee Steinfeld - apparently arrived at the Holly Bush pub in Hampstead at around 6pm.

The pair were spotted at a Louis Vuitton party together shortly afterwards, but It is unclear whether or not they are still an item. Taylor told Us Weekly at the after party that 'the movie was incredible,' before proceeding to 'flirt' with Douglas during the soiree.


Taylor and the theatre school graduate reportedly ordered two bottles of Big Wave Ale before settling into a leather booth. Or is she hopeless? A source said the pair are 'just friends - right now', Taylor pictured on Saturday in LA Douglas is said to have been in a relationship with his Great Expectations co-star Vanessa Kirby since Does Taylor Swift have interpersonal relationship issues?

Douglas Taylor swift dating booth reportedly been in a long-term relationship with his Great Expectations co-star Vanessa Kirby, pictured together in London in Douglas is a rising star in Hollywood, and will next be seen in Darren Aronofsky's Noah.

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After consuming beer, the two allegedly downed double shots of vodka with lime. When she was in London, she decided to ring him up.

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So what do you guys think? Onlookers report that Taylor took on a predatory role as she divided up her time at the party between chatting up actress Haliee Steinfield, and trying again and again unsuccessfully to get the attention of Booth. But it looks like Taylor Swift may be giving love another try.

The daily news reports that since the party however despite his reported indifference to her Taylor swift dating booth, Douglas Booth and Taylor Swift have been spotted on a few dates in London; however what remains the same is that Douglas Booth only wants to be friends.

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I think women have been surprisingly un-supportive of her, even though women should know firsthand about rejection and the games men can play. The pair then moved on to the main course - Douglas got the duck while Taylor stuck with a salad, apparently 'disappointing' the pub's chefs who were 'hoping to impress the star,' reports Us.

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